Step 2: Open the case

Picture of Open the case
Remove or loose the plastic flaps on every side and open the camera.
Now you can pull out the flashligt module.
The capacitor often is charged.
If you touch the board with your fingers on the wrong place you get a hit.

dd321233 years ago
hold down button
wait until the flash is charged
remove the battery
press the button on the camera to make it flash, or tap the thin copper contacts together
it will flash, the compacitor will be drained
pro52003 years ago
so how to discharge the electrical load ?
make a short circuit with a screwdriver on the pins of the capacitor...
lhall14 years ago
I too have ben shocked, on my thumb it was numb for 3 hours after words
Awesome instructable! I know too well about shocking myself with single use cameras and having a painful arm for 10 minutes.

I want to add that wearing gloves will be a great idea at this part.