Step 2: Step 1 Prepairing the Grape

First slice a thin piece of the top.
how dangerous is this?
Just don't microwave it for too long or it could become a fire hazard. And don't burn your hand by touching the grape right away.
ok but I wouldm't try this in my house maybe a workshop
I guess. The worst thing that could happen is that you could burn yourself by picking it up or the glass cup might break from temp change.
yeah just dont dink it in cold water it will shatter after it has been heated
That's funny you say that haha.once I picked up with a damp towel and the glass shattered.
Whats the physics behind it ?
thanks haha
This is so cool! <br>It looks even better live and in person to get the full effect..
You should probably put a warning on this Instructable. This can be very dangerous if not properly done and you don't want to be the one responsible when someone burns down their house doing this
do I have a chance of ruining my microwave doing this?<br>
i would be lying to you if i said no.but i think that doing it to show your friends wont hurt.just remember not to do it for more than 15 seconds and not to use the same cup if it gets too hot.
i've never tried it with the glass on top before. once i got a strawberry to do that as well.
cool. I'm definitely going to try doing the same thing with a strawberry haha

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