Plasma Hand Cannon





Introduction: Plasma Hand Cannon

I have lately been experimenting with plasma and it's effects and had the idea to make this. I was not planning on making this an instructable originally so I don't have a step by step to this point. But this is a very simple design using spare parts configured to generate and disperse plasma. It's not complete yet but I will be finishing it soon along with a demonstration video.

Step 1: The Main Workings

The power runs to the plasma chamber to heat the surrounding gasses and electrons witch forced to the end and away from the unit.



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    Hey. Dudes. Chill. The guy is learly broken up - he built a plasma gun, and it got broke. I would be pretty upset too. I was thinkin how cool a video would be, BUT HE CANNOT MAKE ONE! Maybe if he builds another he will, but until then, would you kinly sod off and leave the poor man alone. god, internet people suck.


    2 years ago

    In my opinion, this thing is not just something you threw together and lied about. But it is not a plasma gun exactly, not like most people will think of, but a compact spark gap tesla coil. Look it up, there's a tutorial online on how to make one.


    2 years ago

    Hmm... Which picture shows the plasma chamber in it?

    What is so difficult to grasp about this project that everyone thinks it's fake!?

    I'm not making a video because it was crushed while I was moving!

    He's not making a video because he doesn't know how to use adobe after effects

    Can you show us a video of it producing plasma? proving it works? I can't make out heads or tails of it in the pictures. Are you sure you are producing plasma? You'd need to superheat a gas to the point that electrons are boiled off of the individual gas atoms. One way to do that is to store a good amount of energy in a capacitor and then break the dielectric strength of air (w/ trigger coil, or ignition coil), and use the small amount of very conductive plasma to discharge the capacitor, holding like 400V, and then you will get loads more plasma, and a really big and painfully bright spark! If that sounds dangerous, it is. That is essentially what goes on inside of a camera flash circuit.

    But by a 'cannon' do you mean this thing will fireballs of that bright plasma outwards? That seems like far-fetched BS to me.

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    Besides, if this is just making a small spark with high voltage, although *technically* it is plasma, it's cheating in my opinion:

    Yeah, lets all call the old CRT TVs PARTICLE ACCELERATORS, yeah Yeah, and lets also call stun guns plasma generators! And solar cells; lets call those Radiant energy harvesting Devices!

    Ok so I'm not sure why all these people are doubting 3rd grade science. Ever heard of a plasma globe? Come on. If you don't like it, fine I don't care but don't try to say it dosnt work. Because you just make yourself look unintelligent to everybody who knows anything about electricity.

    sounds like someone is testing a kickstarter idea to get suckers to fund a modern version of snake oil....after all it is a prototype right? it doesn't have to work, just imagine the possibilities! Imagine! but please fund it in the meantime....

    sorry but the idea here is to show an instructable, not a cosplay prop passing off as the real thing, by saying it would work if only I could get my hands on some dilithium crystals, a hypersonic containment chamber and some nanobots to start the chain reaction, using my newly developed app on my phone...

    it's prop, simple as that, label it as such, and everyone will be happy, really happy with the creativity you put into it. that's it.

    Anyone here remembers the major trolling in reddit over the " i found a hidden safe" ? by a couple of people who claimed at various times to be opening the thing soon to see the contents inside, only to disappear in disgrace after stringing everyone along for a few days or weeks?

    All I can say about this is if you cannot say any thing nice, dont say any thing. Some one here is trying to show you what he has done and all you can do is say its BS which isn't on.

    Uh no. First of all, plasma can be generated in our atmospheric conditions, second I never said it was a beam rather an arc bolt, third it's not made entirely out of camcorder pieces as that would be nearly impossible. It can already function however it's very low power and faint. So I will add another coil and stronger battery, then this should be fully operational without the need of auxiliary power.

    This seems like its 100% BS. Looks like batteries, plastic, usless boards and a random antennna sticking out. "Making real plasma weapons will need a major scientific breakthrough, as the concept of plasma-firing weapons is scientifically difficult, for various reasons...if a plasma beam was fired in a planetary atmosphere it would quickly be stopped by atmospheric resistance and would make a short hot flame like a blow torch." Not sure how this would work unless you were firing it in space or a vaccume chamber, also the components used would not be able to support the heat if you somehow made it out of camera peices.

    gotta say, it seems like BS on every level, though i wish it were not. please show a video to squash my doubt.

    Great job! This is so cool! Hope to see it in action soon and how to build it.

    Yes parts can can be substituted. In fact I was considering using disposable cameras, I just had a broken camcorder collecting dust and decided to use that. Also I should have the video up sometime this month.

    I also have a question about the pieces: how readily accessible are the components? As in, can you only build it with the specific parts you show here, or can others be substituted in for others without sacrificing function? e.g. a disposable camera flash circuit in place of a professional camera flash circuit?

    A working plasma cannon? I really want to see this in action as I have a design for a plasma accelerator/cannon in the works myself, and I would like to see if & how the designs overlap.

    A shame this is incomplete.... It would be great to see if this really works...