Step 5: Bench Sprocket Assemble

To bench assemble a plasma-sprockets with 4 side sections and 2 gear sections use the following steps...

1. Do a little experimentation to see how much of  a gap is needed between the gear sections and the side sections, noting that there are two sides. Then find combination of washers and/or over-sized nuts that create this spacing on each side.

2. Take two of the sides and place a bolts though them facing upright.

3. Place the one layer of spacers on top of the bolts.

4. Place the two gear sections on top of the side sections noting that the two seams are supposed to be at 90degrees to each other.

5. Place the other set of spacers on top of the gear sections.

6. Place the other two side sections on top of the spacers (A little persuasion from a rubber mallet might be required to line everything up at this time).

7. Put nuts on top of the side sections and then tighten them all gradually with some kind of thread locking.

8. Check that everything lines up correctly.