How to Demonstrate Plasma Using Grapes


Introduction: How to Demonstrate Plasma Using Grapes

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME it can ruin your microwave or burn down your house. Now that the warning is out of the way.

slice a grape into quarters
place into microwave (turn on)for no more than 15 seconds
burst of plasma with emminate from the grape
stop microwave to stop reaction (unless you microwave has caught fire, then check out an video-HOW TO PUT OUT A MICROWAVE FIRES)

***you microwave will smell like burn grapes and will be somewhat smokey



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    No way! I tried this out to proof my friend it to be fake. And quess what. IT WORKED! I was so f***ing amazed!1one

    You have to make sure there's a thin bit of skin left between the quarters

    I don't think this is actually plasma..... plama is actually Super Heated, compressed, ionized gas..... this is actuall a reaction to the size of the Microwaves, 'microwaves' reacting to the size of the grapes, which are roughly the sae size as a grape cut in halves or quarters. Personally i think its about as dangerous as putting Ivory Soap in the microwave... which actually does look cool.

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    We have a winner! Correct - it has to do with microwave wavelength being near to the grape size, which makes them good, tiny absorbers.

    why's that? and define toxic. there's "DO NOT breathe it" toxic, "avoid prolonged exposure" toxic, and then there's "you can't survive breathing exclusively this" toxic.

    as stupid as i feel telling you all about this... a candle does the same thing...but 100x better! i tried it at home...all you do is light a candle, put it in the microwave and wait! a whole load of plasma is released...(it blew my microwave open and off the counter in a flaming ball!...but it was awesome) anyways please don't try it! I was just telling you that it is soo much better with a candle!

    Thats awesome!!!! I tried it and it works! And i don't think its that dangerous...

    those smoke particles are probably dangerous

    Thats cool, or a nice video editing trick, but why does it do that?

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    It has something to do with slight differences in concentrations of water/sugar and this causes some kind of voltage difference which becomes a plasma arc or some such, I'm not perfectly clear on it but I think that's the general gist

    i understood that it was arching between the barely attached parts of the grape because of high trace-metal levels.

    did that last one deform the glass? it looked like it....

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    yea i think it did

    can someone explain why is plasma and not other thing? and why you are sure is plasma and why is formed?

    it works better this way: Materials: 1.get a wine cork 2.get a match 3.three peices of styro-foam 4.get clear glass flower vase 5. microwave [duh] steps: 1.put the cork in the middle of the microwave. 2.put the match so it's sticking staright up into the cork. 3.put the three peices of foam in a triangular formation around the cork . 4.lighte match, turn vase upside and put it on the peices of foam over the match. 5.close microwave and turn on your microwave for 12 seconds. WARNING: after your done take the vase outside and then turn it right side up because the vase contains bad things that you don't want to breathe in. 5.

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    what does the cork do under a glass plate? I used a cork to replace the rotater thing in my microwave but now iam afraid to trn it on ? lol

    kool but just to be a little safer shouldnt u push stop instead of just opening the door of the microwave, so maybe ur brain stays in tact a little, drives my husband nuts when i open the microwave before it beeps or pushing stop......