Store-bought death rays are too weak. They injure your victim or light him on fire, but fail to vaporize him completely.

Higher-end models will vaporize individuals, but what if you need to bring down a helicopter?

Now you can harness the power of the atom in a convenient, hand-held laser blaster. Use this power to obliterate armies, navies, and even small cities with a single blast!

Great for invading Earth, establishing yourself as someone's arch-nemesis, or dispatching handsome British government operatives, the Plasma-powered Death Ray is a necessity for today's busy super-villain.

The gun is shown in this video with my Realistic Alien Costume.

Step 1: Made Of


1. Plastic toy water pistol.
2. Plasma ball "mood light" from auto parts store.
3. Laser pointer pen.
4. Antique spray paint.
5. Crayola Model Magic or other filler


1. Soldering iron.
2. Dremel or other rotary tool.
3. Super glue
4. Glue gun.
hilarious! creative! good job!
<p>with technology you can make a lightsaber(not actually light or laser[which are pretty much the same things]) but plasma and magnetic fields. Same with the energy swords.</p>
<p>Didn't work, you are personally responsible for the death of 3 Lobsters, I will stick to my non-portable one...(V) (;,,;) (V)</p>
<p>Didn't work, you are personally responsible for the death of 3 Lobsters, I will stick to my non-portable one...(V) (;,,;) (V)</p>
xD your funny dude
can i get a link to this product
That's really cool. <br>Great for a vacation in a video game world or some other exotic dimension. ;)
Where did you get the plasma globe?
Great job aiming the laser directly into the camera and messing up the color balance. <br>٩(̾●̮̮̃̾&bull;̃̾)۶
Does that vaporize people or is it a prank?:[
I guess you'll have to build one and see.
Nice! Wonder if it would have been possible to remove the two globes in the middle of the gun, and replace those with two plasma balls? That would look great! On your next build, try keeping the original gun trigger, but have the button attached to the trigger inside the gun body, so pulling the trigger actually activates the button. Or a spring (for tension and trigger return) and some bare wire contacts would work too, cut down on weight and cost. <br><br>Great build, though! I'm lovin that plasma ball!
Howdy! That would indeed look cool. I had some trouble fitting the plasma ball guts inside the gun as it was, so that would probably have to be done with a gun with a bigger body. The battery pack and the transformer necessary to run the sphere are each about as big as the sphere itself.<br><br>As for the trigger, I actually intended to use the original trigger, but broke it by mistake in the process of removing the water pump.<br><br>Both great ideas! I think my next step will be to make it look more weathered and battle-worn.
Now all you need is a robot army before you can begin your plan of World Conquest!
A robot army. That would be perfect. Who wants to get going on that instructable? I would be much obliged!

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