Plaster Egg Bowls





Introduction: Plaster Egg Bowls

You`ve probably seen them before, the instructions on how to make plaster egg bowls for Easter. Last year I made similar eggs using paper strips - this year I`ve used plaster. I love to plant tiny spring bulbs in them, decorating for Easter.

Step 1: Materials:






Step 2: How To:

Start by cutting plaster strips with scissors. Fill the balloon with wanted amount of air and place it in a cup or bowl to make it stable. Dip the plaster strips in a bowl of water and attach them to the balloon. Attach the plaster strips to half the balloon to make the bowl shape. Allow the plaster to dry - blow and remove the balloon.

Step 3: Enjoy the Beauty!



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    6 Discussions

    How has the moisture effected the plaster? I have a similar project I have in mind

    I have a box of plaster but no plaster strips. Any idea how to make strips from plaster powder?

    2 replies

    I think that Wonderwood was talking about plaster strips that are used to make plaster casts for broken bones among other things. Best I can tell they are gauze strips with plaster of Paris already embedded in them.