The other day I walked past another bike seat covered with a plastic bag, and I thought, "there has got to be a better way!"  In some ways, the plastic bag is a great solution to a sopping wet bike seat - it's free, and it reuses an item that would otherwise be in a landfill. There are downsides, though - they tear easily, and the dangling plastic is constantly getting caught on things. I tried to maintain the spirit and advantages of the plastic bag bike seat cover by using...plastic bags. This project is still free, and still recycles. It adds strength and a clean look, and will keep your bike seat dry for a long time.


Step 1: Tools and Materials

- Four plastic shopping bags
-Shoelace or string

-Soldering iron
-Parchment paper
<p>I Used this technic today to make a bag for my pencils, its not the most beautiful bag of the world either... it's functional.</p>
Very nice. I always like reuse/recycle project.
<p>Great idea! Welding plastic bags to make a sturdy surface is a great idea!</p>
That's great, but I don't understand the hamburger and hot dog folding references. Is there a UK translation?
if u have a sheet of paper hamburger style would b a horizontal half fold and hotdog is a vertical half fold
<p>Awesome and thank you for sharing. I would sew it and iron the seams but this is also a great idea!</p>
I've seen fused plastic used to make tote bags. Love, love, love that you show another use!
<p>This is AWESOME. I love that you still used plastic bags.</p>
Kind of basic, just put a bag over your bike seat. :/

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