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One of the simplest yet most amazing ideas ever conceived. The plastic bag cannon. The idea originated at my lunch table at high school, where I would discretely fire off rounds of gummies and head-shot unaware freshman.


-One zip-lock 3oz plastic bag
-Projectiles, preferably round and eraser sized.


-M n' M's
-Small bits of fruit

Step 1: Preparing the Cannon

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Inflate the plastic bag about 2/3rds of the way. If the bag is not full enough, or too full, the launch will not be powerful.

Slide the projectile about two inches into the corner of the bag.

Step 2: Firing the Bag

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Aim the bag at the intended target, and slam down! Not too hard though, or the bag will pop. Experiment with different forces and see what makes the fastest projectile. Have fun, and don't hurt anyone. :D

The bag will probably last for about 30 shots, possibly more. Below are videos of me testing it.


isaac! (author)2010-03-01

best ammo: craisins. doesnt rot in corners of your house, and they hurt, and no one eats them so theres plenty around!

planet_jacker (author)2009-11-26

 This is actually ridiculously fun.

Plo Koon (author)2011-04-28

erasers r bouncy

Plo Koon (author)2011-04-28


Plo Koon (author)2011-04-28

I can see this coming

cratosian (author)2010-12-17

i used a Cheerio. it flew pretty far

noodliepoodlie (author)2010-06-25

I usually just fill it all the way with air and slam it down as hard as I can next to someone that's sleeping! LOL

Dreistein (author)2009-12-14

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooow me and my friend tried it and when your close up as i sed oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

jonathan111 (author)Dreistein2009-12-15

ahahaha true.

instructors (author)2009-11-03

Looks like a really cool idea, and really clear pics/vid's! I'm probably going to trying it out once I get the time. What would you say would be the average distance? It looked like it went fairly far in the vid.

jonathan111 (author)instructors2009-11-03

Thanks. :)  The average distance is probably about 50 feet, but depending on the projectile, you can get up to about 100.

jonathan111 (author)jonathan1112009-11-03

I was using an eraser in the vid (which probably wasn't the best idea), but something like an M n' M flies a lot faster. :D

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