Picture of Plastic Bag Jar Gasket
Peanut butter jars and similar jars aren't as waterproof as they should be. That's why people still buy expensive heavy plastic jars at camping stores instead of using the free lightweight ones they have at home.
Mexican fishermen know a better way.
All you have to do is close the lid over a plastic grocery bag.
The plastic bag forms an excellent gasket, keeping your passport, photos, lighter or whatever nice and dry.
CheckDavid3 years ago
Won't the plastic get perforated while closing the bottle?
Looks like a head in a jar D=
crakarjax7 years ago
I saw this once on McGyver.
nitroburn9 years ago
Thats a cashew container isn't it. Kirkland brand to be exact. kirland for sure.
spinach_dip9 years ago
Who will stop this ugly face TimAnderson from hacking the instructables site to his personal blog? Geez!.. Please admins, start the new version!..
spinach_dip.... post a link to his blog ;) I'll see how he's doing it
he is kinda ugly, isnt he?? (o;
pocketlama9 years ago
Do the Mexican fishermen keep shrunken heads in *their* jars, as well?
that head is ANYTHING but shrunken (o;
radiorental9 years ago
excellent idea Tim, with the way things are going in NE I'll certainly need this. My dad has a boat, small electronics are always failing, I'll pass this on.
keng9 years ago
Nice idea...i use plastic wrap too.