I once built a sailing canoe on Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands. I used Pandanus keys washed up on the beach as paintbrushes. Pandanus is a local fruit. After it's been bashed on shore for awhile the fibers at one end make a nice brush. I didn't have rubber gloves to use with the epoxy. So I figured out this nifty way to put a plastic disposable shopping bag on like a mitten and use it instead of a rubber glove.
I've been using this method ever since.

Excellent photos by theinfonaut The hand model is Bhaskar Mookerji a.k.a. "Buro".

Step 1: Place Hand in Bag and Wrap

This is the key step. If you start by pulling the bag to one side instead of the other the handle loop won't be long enough to loop over your thumb. You'll be off by half your wrist circumference.

Try it both ways til it works.
i use plastic bags to insulate my clothes when i find myself without a place to crash
Ow ow, way to model, Buro...:)
I'm pretty sure the holes are in case a person decides to place the bag over his head; this way they might not choke themselves to death. Why people do this is beyond my knowledge
Great Idea! Actually, working at a grocery store, I'm pretty sure the bags are designed like that so we courtesy clerks (distinguishable from "baggers" because we also clean) can fit paper bags inside of them.
I know that model! Hah, that's so funny to see him (er, his hands) here.
I love it! Gonna be painting my house this summer. This will save hand cleaning time.
wouldnt epoxy melt them?¿?
this is ingenius
That's clever. But what I would really really like to see is an instructable about how to build a canoe far from home on Majuro Island ;-)

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