This is what your "bag dress" will look like when it is done. Something quick and fun to do on a rainy day! Warning, it is somewhat see through! 

Step 1:

These are the materials you will need for this project. A lot of plastic bags, a hot glue gun, scissors, and ribbon, colorful hot glue (optional, (in the sewing box)) and any other fun decorations! 
<p>Fashion Show at the underpass! You are a legend in your own lunchtime. Get yourself along to Glastonbury and make yourself a small fortune in the rain..</p>
Thanks! I come up with really weird things when I get bored but this one turned out okay! By the way i don't know what happened to this dress but it would be interesting to dig it out to see if I could still wear it! ???
Isn't this going to make you unpleasantly-sweaty in the sun?<br> <br> L
:) haha. Sorry it took me over a year to reply but I used this for a school project and haven't checked it since

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