Make a better stronger plastic bag from all the bags you have around the house.

I thought this was a silly idea when it occurred to me but it was too easy to make these handles, nest the bags, and try it.  Now I have a bunch of them around because I found them quite sturdy and re-re-reusable.

Step 1: You Will Need

4" x 8" fabric - robust enough to stand up to being a handle
8" Velcro - both hook and loop parts
sewing machine
a bunch of clean enough reusable same size plastic bags

Instead of sewing, you could use iron-on adhesive if you have one that's strong enough.  Or you could use sticky back Velcro.  I don't have much experience with these methods for this kind of project.
simple but smart!
Add some bubble-wrap in between the layers and it's a cooler too!
oh, that's great! newspaper too. I could use this enhancement myself.
aka the UBER SACK
Nice idea. This is the &quot;deluxe&quot; model, though. I think I'll try it with Walmart bags and use duck tape for the handles. That'll definitely impress the neighbors.<br>
haha! perfect! funny to think of this as deluxe but tape never occurred to me :)

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Bio: I usually make objects to play with and transform taboos, using stuff around the house. But sometimes I make things that fit well on Instructables.
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