Picture of Plastic Bag Upcycle
Make a better stronger plastic bag from all the bags you have around the house.

I thought this was a silly idea when it occurred to me but it was too easy to make these handles, nest the bags, and try it.  Now I have a bunch of them around because I found them quite sturdy and re-re-reusable.
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Step 1: You will need

4" x 8" fabric - robust enough to stand up to being a handle
8" Velcro - both hook and loop parts
sewing machine
a bunch of clean enough reusable same size plastic bags

Instead of sewing, you could use iron-on adhesive if you have one that's strong enough.  Or you could use sticky back Velcro.  I don't have much experience with these methods for this kind of project.

Step 2: Cut materials

Each handle is made of a 4-inch square piece of fabric and a 4-inch long strip of 3/4-inch wide Velcro, including both the hook and loop parts.

The fabric should be robust enough to handle being handled a lot.  It could probably even be made of several layers of thin plastic from extras of these plastic bags.

Step 5: Install handles

Picture of Install handles
Nest a bunch of bags and install your handles.  I've used 4 to 10 bags.  When you nest them, choose bags that are the same size so the forces are evenly applied to all bags.

Step 6: Test out your bag

Picture of Test out your bag
Several bags nested together is more robust than a single one.

Use as a trash can and cut out the inner bag to throw the trash away.  Your next trash bag is ready and waiting.

Use at home, in the car, camping.

These handles also make functional cable ties.

I look forward to hearing how you might use these or modify these.  Have fun!
foobear1 year ago
simple but smart!
Ranie-K3 years ago
Add some bubble-wrap in between the layers and it's a cooler too!
edgeliver (author)  Ranie-K3 years ago
oh, that's great! newspaper too. I could use this enhancement myself.
aka the UBER SACK
bruc33ef3 years ago
Nice idea. This is the "deluxe" model, though. I think I'll try it with Walmart bags and use duck tape for the handles. That'll definitely impress the neighbors.
edgeliver (author)  bruc33ef3 years ago
haha! perfect! funny to think of this as deluxe but tape never occurred to me :)