Step 6: Finishing the Top Rim.

Keep weaving until you get within about half an inch from the top of the standards.
Then tie off your plarn and tuck in the end to one of the  woven rows.
Next, you will bend over the standards to hold down the  woven plarn. Bend then towards the outside or the inside, alternating on each standard, whichever side the last row of weaving was on.
The wire should hold them down. If you did not use wire, then you can use a dab of strong glue to fasten down the  ends of the standards. I used silicone  construction adhesive, but you could also use gorilla glue or liquid nails. (I don't recommend hot glue because it will melt the plastic)
Use clothespins to hold it in place until the glue dries.
I'm confused...if you have standards..why not have two of them "loops" for handles. This would save a step or two and increase the carrying stabilty of the basket...
This is so cute!
Thank you for shaking the step by step your art.

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