Picture of Plastic Bottle Bee
Make a cool Bee decorative model out of an old plastic bottle!

Step 1: Stuff you'll need

Picture of stuff you'll need
1)old plastic bottle.. i used a gatorade bottle coz it was all i had left in the house this week :) you can use any 500ml bottle(works best with smal bottles)


3)paint as required. i used acrylics, but you can use enamel or a spray can
CJSudduth3 years ago
How about usng the in your garden ?? Kind of like scarecrow...
chaitanyak (author)  CJSudduth3 years ago
good idea.. although i don't have a garden..
but yes it would even be a good way to decorate/disguise those solar garden lamp things
those style bottles havent been used in years
l8nite5 years ago
oooooh my neighbors are going to "love" these ! ! Guess I'll have to start drinkin more water to collect some victims
chaitanyak (author)  l8nite5 years ago
do document your escapades and post pics here oh mad scientist! :D
Okay, that is both awesome and original. I am normally not a fan of the craftsy style instructables, but this is cute and simple to do... it looks like it would be a fun project to do with your kids or nieces and nephews.
chaitanyak (author)  chainedflesh5 years ago
have tried it with a friend's kids.. had to simplify it a bit for the younger ones.. was a big hit! :D
One thing I forgot to mention, you could probably sell these at craft fairs.
chaitanyak (author)  chainedflesh5 years ago
:) thanks.. will keep it in mind.. for now am gonna be teaching some kids how to make this stuff next week.. am part of a thing called earthwave( www.earthwave.in ) where we raise awareness among school kids about the environment.. and what theycan do .. wiz - re-using plastic.. etc..
ChrysN5 years ago
That looks great!
chaitanyak (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
thanks! did you try it?
Not yet!