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Hello dear friends!

As some of my followers already know, I live in Bologna (Italy), in the heart of Po river Valley.

This area is known as the wettest one of Italy. This is due to terrain, level (a lot of areas are UNDER sea level) and weather.

These factors result in very hot temperatures in summer, very cold ones in winter, an incredibly thick fog but, mostly, giant and aggressive mosquitoes.

There is a city, Comacchio (only 55 miles from Bologna), that is known as the "Mosquitoes Town". XD

Obviously is nothing tropical, but it's very annoying!

It's really difficult to enjoy summer evenings without using pesticides, sprays or other stinky poisons. Or, you can always avoid using anything and... be eaten alive by these little vampires.

While mosquitoes are useful for the ecosystem (did you know that mosquitoes are the main cocoa plants pollinators? No mosquitoes means no chocolate!!!), we don't want them to fly around our garden and bite everything that's alive, pets included.

In this Instructable, I want to show you an all natural and potentially free way to create an efficent mosquito trap with little more than a plastic bottle!

Why potentially free? Because we will use materials that are always present in our home!


Let's start with our shopping list.

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Taykett13 days ago
Studies show mosquitoes don't like red. The Baileys can is red. They prefer green then black and blue. Perhaps the red can is why some places are less effective. I'm going to try this as I'm genetically a mosquito target. Thanks.
EthanS83 months ago
EthanS8 EthanS83 months ago

I think these are great and fun to make thanks for the tips!! :D I hope the one I made works

For those who dont have the time and want to find a affordable mosquito trap I recommend this one:


tkjtkj EthanS827 days ago

EthanS8 : Don't ya think that $50 bucks is kinda steep for an 'affordable' trap, especially when the unit described here costs nearly zero?

Darthorso (author)  EthanS82 months ago
Great advice, thank you! :D
bell an29 days ago

I made it strictly as you did, caught nothing!

RottenEgg1 month ago

I can't find Brewers Yeast at my Walmart, will yeast for bread-making work?

DeeRilee made it!1 month ago

I rarely drink soft drinks or buy bottled water, so I recycled what I had....a plastic juice bottle. Since the mouth was considerably bigger than a PET bottle, I merely drilled a hole in the cap that would accommodate a mosquito! And instead of tape, I hot-glued the two pieces together. This is going out on my shady porch!

Thanks for the Instructable!

mosquito trap side.jpgmosquito trap top.jpg
ResolaQQ1 month ago

My English is not very good. I'm sorry if what I said offended you. I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes.

May i ask if the trap works for you? I just don't think that will work if you hang the trap outside. Here is my confirm video.

And i had translated some contents written by the original developers.


Based on these data and my experiences, hang the trap outside would catch nothing except the fruit flies.

aasankar9 months ago

Thanks for the bottle trap instructable.

May I ask the source of your information regarding mosquitoes being a pollinator of cacao flowers? Have you ever observed mosquitoes on cacao? I have been told by certain researchers that it may very well be physically impossible for mosquitoes to act as pollinators given the size of the cacao flower and the anatomy of the stamen, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, if you can provide scientific evidence of this.

Um, so... you are not giving "benefit of the doubt" if you require proof.
Darthorso (author)  aasankar8 months ago

Hi friend! :) No, I've never seen mosquitoes on cacao with my own eyes, but I've read it in a "Le Scienze" (italian version of Scientific American) article years ago.

You can find a lot of similar articles on various scientific websites!

Here's an example :)


Have a super day!

pwilson323 months ago

Thanks so much for this great how-to article - I will most definitely be trying this - I have a beautiful deck on my property but those little vampires make it unpleasant to sit out there and enjoy it!! Thanks again!

Peace & Blessings to you and yours,

Paulette :)

Darthorso (author)  pwilson322 months ago
Great! Post a photo of you work, I'm curioius ;D
White_Haka made it!3 months ago

I'm ready for the hot season...

Thank you for the inspiration! :)

Mosquito trap.jpg
bethmwl4 months ago

I made something like this. It was fun to see what it would catch. It was so full of earwigs, I was not able to tell if I caught mosquitos. Happy though to take down the earwigs.

Darthorso (author)  bethmwl4 months ago
Great! The results can be totally different from zones, climates and seasons. Nice catch with earwigs :)
crashzoom4 months ago
I'll try it on my next camping
lynnrpope9 months ago
It also works Indoors to catch Flys. I am still however, working on a trap like this for ants.
Mo0k11 months ago

Will this also attract mosquito from the neighbor's gardens?

Darthorso (author)  Mo0k11 months ago

mmm, don't think so, it's not enough powerful

Darthorso (author)  Mo0k11 months ago

mmm, don't think so, it's not enough powerful

IamGutter11 months ago

Congratulations on your Grand Prize win!!

Darthorso (author)  IamGutter11 months ago

Thank you a lot IamGutter! :D

emilygraceking11 months ago

a huge congratulations on your big win!

Darthorso (author)  emilygraceking11 months ago

Thank you, this is amazing! :D

Interesting Concept

Darthorso (author)  TrollFaceTheMan11 months ago

Thanks! :)

sunshiine11 months ago

Congrats on making finalist! Can't believe the view count! Wow. I need to try this method. Am sharing with hubby so he can make one. Thanks for sharing and keep shining.


Darthorso (author)  sunshiine11 months ago

Thank you sunshiine! :D :D :D

jolshefsky made it!12 months ago

Although the camping trip didn't happen, I did make this trap. I set it out indoors for some time (although I don't have a mosquito problem indoors, in general) and it didn't catch anything. Then I put it out overnight near the garage: it has been quite damp, and mosquitoes frequent the area. Today I emptied the contents onto a paper towel to see what was caught. Alas, it was just a couple flies. The odor was very yeast-like, and I wonder if that contributed to the mosquitoes avoiding it. Has anyone had a proven success?

2014-08-05 16.25.49.jpg2014-08-05 16.28.00.jpg
JohannW1 year ago

Thank you sir, for taking the time to post. Good info!

Darthorso (author)  JohannW1 year ago

My pleasure dear friend! :)

adillbeck1 year ago

I'm trying to think if we have bottles with this style (the grip part) in the US. The easiest 2 liter bottles to get a hold of is soda bottles, which (around here) are straight up and down.

Darthorso (author)  adillbeck1 year ago

I've travelled in the US a lot of years ago, and I remember to drank from a bottle like this... if you can't find this kind, simply help yourself with some extra tape! :)

Propel bottles might do.

Try maybe water or juice bottles.

chancefour1 year ago

I understand how the tape holds the upside-down top you cut off the bottle in place inside the larger portion of plastic bottle as a funnel to confuse any attempted escaping mosquitoes. I see tape around the top of the Baileys can. For the life of me, I can't understand why that is there. Is the Baileys can sharp there and you are protecting yourself from it? Does the tape help keep the plastic bottle in place inside the Baileys can? For what reason does it exist?

Oh, never mind. I see now that the plastic bottle doesn't fit fully inside the Baileys can as the tape makes it too large to slide down all the way.

I also just noticed that the top part that you cut off is inverted when you tape it back and I don't think that was mentioned on the instructions and if you did I missed it. Is that why you use the tape? .Thanks anyways. AL.

Darthorso (author)  alsports20001 year ago

I mentioned in step 3: "Now that the mixture is ready, put the top part of the bottle inside the big one, face down, to create a funnel (the picture shows it well)."

It's used to make the funnel effect :) Also, we use black tape for 2 reasons: hold evrything in place and seal the bottle to avoid too much CO2 to go away ^_^

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