Step 15: Adding the Bottom

Flip your work upside down.

Measure the area that you will need to cover. Or, place your work on your screen or hardware cloth and mark off the shape.

Cut your hardward cloth or screen to fit.  If you are using screen, be a little generous on the sides.  It gets warped so you may find yourself short. 

Do the same for your landscape cloth but add about 2 inches all around.

Lay your landscape cloth over the bottom of your project.
Using your spatula or cardboard, tuck the edges in between the bottles and the frame.

Lay the hardware cloth over the landscape cloth and staple it to the wood frame (go by feel to make sure it fits).

I tucked the excess landscape cloth back over the hardware cloth so I would be less likely to be scratched by the sharp edges.

If you want, you can add strips of word or metal to cover the edges to make it more aesthetically pleasing, or add corner pieces to give it a little lift off the ground...

Make the loose ends of the copper wire into curly tendrils or if that is too cutesy for you, bend them around and down so the ends won't poke you.