Step 6: Remote Assembly

My son pulled the remote unit out of an old hovercraft. Its pretty simple in that it only allows power to go to fans. He figured out how to connect it the the electric sprinkler valve.
<p>Just noticed this was 7 years ago. Reply doubtful as your son probably is in college by now.</p><p>zapp</p>
<p>Great idea. What secures the rocket, which I don't seem to see, to the pipe and what is the air reservoir? I've been searching for a simple solution to launching easily constructed liter bottle rockets. Have been friction fitting the rubber stopper into bottles but this allows only so much pressure before lift off. any help greatly appreciated and your son is to be proud of!</p><p>zapp </p>
KEwL!<br /> <br /> and tell yo son good job! :)

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