Picture of Plastic Bottle Self Extinguishing Ashtray
Two wrongs make a sorta right--recycle a plastic bottle as a smoke-catching, self extinguishing ashtray.
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Step 1:

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Start with a 1 liter plastic bottle

Step 2:

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With your cutting tool of choice, cut the bottle slightly above the label all the way around.

Step 3:

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Your two pieces should look like this.

Step 4:

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Add about an inch of cat litter or sand to the bottom of the bottle.

Step 5:

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Turn the top part of the bottle upside down and fit it snugly into the bottom part.

Step 6:

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Using any wider household tape, add tape around the outer part of the bottle at the top leaving at least 1/2" extending over the top of the bottle. Fold this extended part of the tape over into the inside to enclose the seam.

Step 7:

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You can cut 1 or more V shapes into the top edge to hold burning cigarettes.

Step 8:

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Drop the burning cigarette butt through the bottle neck. (watch that you don't leave the burning part resting against the side of the bottle--it will melt a hole and ruin your creation).
The smoke is trapped in the bottle, and the reduced oxygen will extinguish the cigarette. I should mention that you shouldn't be either buying stuff in plastic bottles, or smoking. But just in case you do.
I used a 2 litre bottle filled with water and some strong (nice) smelling pine scented foam bath.. i also heated the lid up with a lighter and made a hole in it for the cigarette. . But this might be problematic as it seems aim is required to not melt the plastic while trying to get cigarette in. .. might have to unscrew the lid
shooby6 years ago
Not a bad idea at all. This cold be made way more compact as well, if you cut the threaded part from the bottle, and lowered the whole thing. Of course, a smoke catching ashtray is a little redundant, after smoking inside. After all, you could just extinguish the cig in the sand. Never the less, good idea.
GfromKC (author)  shooby6 years ago
Actually, if it were more compact, it wouldn't work--to catch the smoke, the bottle opening has to be low in the bottle, with upper space for the smoke to rise. The lower opening is also what causes the oxygen level to drop as the butt burns inside. Right you are about the smoke! One benefit, though, is that it contains the pee-yew smell of the butts. Last year I made about 6 of these and lined them up outside for my hopeless smoking friends... no cleanup for me!
shooby GfromKC6 years ago
Wait wait wait! You just throw these things away after using them?
GfromKC (author)  shooby6 years ago
When I said "no cleanup for me" I meant no ashtray to wash (yea, saves water!). Just pull the thing apart, empty and recycle as usual.
shooby GfromKC6 years ago
Is that a "yes" or a "no"? Do you really think the water it takes to clean an ashtray is equivalent to the water it takes to manufacture the tape that you're disposing of with the bottle?
GfromKC (author)  shooby6 years ago
Apparently you've never cleaned an ashtray. I'm afraid you might go on with this indefinately, so I give. Better to just grind them out on the ground. And before you ask I am unaware of any way to recycle the butts. Thanks for in the input, please feel free to move along to someone else's project now.
mdavis6 GfromKC4 years ago
Responsible Smokers Act is joining with InnovaGreen Systems to make Ashtrays from Cigarette Butts!
smoke handrolled w/o filters and roach like you would a joint
nadejaa4 years ago
im gona make a bunch and put them around the next block party on my street so all the smokers stop flicking butts all over... because my street drains go directly to waterways that lead to drinking water
parkmana5 years ago
Baking soda gives off large amounts of CO2 when heated. Use that instead of sand.
Interesting...baking soda really does wonders...
but why would we want to give off CO2??
Because CO2 extinguishes Class-A fires.
CO2 is also useful in horticulture; it makes green plants grow more, faster, healthier (without CO2, green plants wither).
somuchdepth5 years ago
I luv this idea! 
one step better put water in the bottom puts it out so no smoke is created
randla6 years ago
Great idea! I also admire the last comment you made to end the "attacks". I totally understand where you are coming from with this idea. There is not much worse than a dirty, stinking ashtray. Also, they are just not practical outside. I use the kitty litter in small buckets for outside smoking, but never thought of this! I'm going to try it. Thanks for posting it!
daltonjcw6 years ago
Nice 'ible. Neat idea!
vleonard866 years ago
i agree. cleaning an ashtray is hard. by my last estimate, it was at least 6 gallons of good ol' h2o
Clever idea!