Plastic Bottle Pen/pencil/paperclip/nut/bolts Etc. Holder





Introduction: Plastic Bottle Pen/pencil/paperclip/nut/bolts Etc. Holder

Reuse a plastic bottle to make a stable yet tasteful holder of any 2 types of things, e.g., pens and paperclips, nults and bolts. The bottle in the middle is gatorade.

Step 1: Ingredients

96 oz. plastic bottle, razor knife, drill with 5/32 bit, 5/32 pop rivet and rivet gun

Step 2: Cut Bottle Into These Parts (unscrew Cap)

cut bottle into these parts (unscrew cap)

Step 3: Drill

drill hole in center of cap and bottle bottom

Step 4: Attach

rivet the cap to the bottle bottom with the inside cup of each facing the same way. I usually insert the rivet through the bottle bottom then the cap. A small nut and bolt would work just as well. I did not have much luck with the glue I tried.

Step 5: Screw It

screw the bottle top back into the cap. The result is remarkably stable. The smaller you cut the diameter of the bottle top relative to the base the more stable it is.

Step 6: Use

A driver behind this was the need for a cup for pens where I could see the contents at a glance. And its very hard to spill.



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    This is great it reminds me of a bottle cutting kit my dad got in the early 70s. He turned every beer and wine bottle into a glass, cup or holder thingy. Link to the kit is herehere.

    :D Yeah! My dad still does that!

    DEE-luxe project!!!! Thank-you

    oooooooo tastefull!

    I'll definetly try this. I just need to drink that 2 gallon bottle of cranberrie juice.......

    Is there any other way to attach the two peices other than using a rivet?

    Step 4: "...A small nut and bolt would work just as well. I did not have much luck with the glue I tried."

    Whoops! I didn't see that. Thank you.

    Most any two part epoxy works great on plastics like these, you can get it at any department or hardware store.

    kirkland signature. you go to costco dont you.