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Its the basic principle of a solar oven made out of a plastic bottle.The one i made isnt the most effective one but i did what i could with the materials i had.Ways to make it better would be to have more reflective material,focus the light to a finer point,and make the focus pieces straight .Though i left my focus open a little to allow wider heating area.And im actually in ohio and its been non stop snow for a while so no luck on testing it out.To get an idea of how good itll work i placed it under a direct computer lamp.Well everything is pretty basic and easy to make,so i hope you have fun and have better luck with the sun then i do...................Alright so after an hour my water is a little warm,but again im using a lamp so i dont expect it to get any hotter.

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teslafan100 (author)2010-06-09

very cool :) 5 stars

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