This is just a very basic and easy design for an IPod case for those who just want to be able to carry it in their pocket and protect it.

Step 1: Suplies and Preparation

This supplies for this project are basically the same as my other plastic canvas projects.

Size 7 Mesh Plastic Canvas
Size 7 Plastic Canvas Needles
Yarn (I usually use Red Heart for my projects because it's not too thin and for most of my projects, it doesn't matter how soft or fluffy the yarn is, also, if it's too fluffy it's too hard to use.  I've tried Homespun yarn and it was too thick to go through the plastic canvas.)
Buttons (this was just a decoration I used that isn't necessary

To prepare for the project, you need to cut two equal pieces.  I have a Nano and I used two pieces at 12 by 23 squares.  My pieces were just slightly wider than the IPod, but were it's same height.  Your pieces sizes will depend on the IPod and also depend on how much bigger than it you want it.  Also, if it is too big, it may not stay in the case very well.  Mine doesn't slide out, but will come out of the case when I need it to.
I love it!!! But does it really protect your iPod because ductape didnt and I'm always dropping it and I really would like to know if it scrapes it or damages it
It never seemed to do any damage to mine. It really depends what happens to it as far as protecting it. If you were to drop it, it should do some basic protection, but you can't throw it or step on it. The case is mostly for looks and trying to protect the screen :)
This is a really good idea. Thanks. I might make one for my cell phone.
Thanks Jeannie!
Thank you :)

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