Plastic Egg Glow Bugs





Introduction: Plastic Egg Glow Bugs

Just in time for Easter . . These adorable little bugs are super cute and super easy to make. Just poke a few holes into the eggs for legs and antlers, glue on some eyes, draw on a mouth and insert a flame-less tea-light. Quick, easy, and totally cute!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Pipe cleaners

Plastic eggs

Sharpie marker


Google eyes

Flame-less tea lights

Sharp but blunt tool (I used an old peanut pick)

Step 2: Instructions

1) Measure and cut pipe cleaners approximately 2 inches long

Cut 6 for the legs and 2 for the antlers

2) With sharp but blunt tool, punch holes into the plastic eggs

3 along each side for the legs and 2 on top for the antlers

3) Insert cut pipe cleaner legs and antlers into the eggs

Bend pipe cleaners to resemble bug legs and antlers

4) Glue on google eyes

5) Draw on a mouth with a Sharpie marker

6) Insert flame-less tea light

7) ENJOY !!!

Step 3: More Plastic Egg Glow Bug Pictures



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Very cute. I made some and added puffy Easter egg stickers for wings. I tried several times to upload a picture, but couldn't get it to work.

Those are so cute! They kind of looks like Cooties :)

Thanks, That's exactly what I thought. I almost named them Cootie Egss :)

these would be a great addition to any Easter egg hunt.

Incredibly cute! These could make for a great night time Easter egg hunt.

Thanks, We're thinking of using them this year for the hunt :)