Picture of Plastic Green Toy Soldier with Flamethrower Costume
My company, like many, were putting on a Halloween costume contest. I had one costume, Assassin's Creed III, I wanted to finish before then but I ran out of time to properly execute. So, I needed to find something else that would tickle my fancy and make in a reasonable time frame. I had seen others make the Plastic Green Toy Soldier costume and felt that that was exactly what I wanted to do.

Now, I understand that there are many tutorials on this costume theme but I have yet to see someone do the flamethrower prop and this is what this particular Instructable will be focusing on. I will include my trials and tribulations with the rest of the costume as well.

*note* I finished the costume just in time and entered the contest and won first place receiving a $50 generic gift card. Here's to owning Assassin's Creed III. ^________^


  1. 1 QT - satin finish interior house paint - color - medium to light grey
  2. 1 can (spray paint) - primer - grey
    Do not get black or white. It will take more paint to cover and kill the color beneath.
  3. 4 cans 7 cans (spray paint) - high gloss - Meadow Green
    Found this color sold by Home Depot. I think it works the best. Reason, if you had to find an outside object you cannot paint and hoping get a green color that matches like I did, this medium like emerald green is perfect.
  4. Glue gun
  5. Generic white glue (water soluble or not. NO super glue. Did not work. I tried. (Unless you got the industry grade))
  6. 1 awesome scissors 
    I bought these scissors to cut thin wire and now I use them to cut everything like thick paper rolls or plastic bottles.
  1. 1/2 YD of stretchy fabric like shirt material.
  2. 2 plastic wiffle balls (baseball size) No foam. Paint would eat it I just found a video explaining that it is possible to spray paint foam without the the foam dissolving in the process. It has to do with the length at which you hit the foam. The video explained that at 12 inches you are safe and the paint goes on perfectly. Here is the youtube video: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBABqYL8GLg)
  3. 3 FT of rope.
    Little on the thick side. It is to be the hose from the rifle to the pack of the flamethrower. I had decorative cord you would line pillows, curtains and such with.
  4. 3 sheets of card stock paper or card board
  5. 2 - 2 foot tube containers with 2 lids
    I had 1 packaging tube container with 2 lids and 2 - 4 inch thick random tube rolls I think originally were for labels. Whatever you can find.
  6. 1 - 2 paper roll(s) Toilet or paper towel rolls work.
  7. 1 cheap grocery bag (the kind you bring to keep from using plastic or paper bags at a grocery)
  8. 1 thin - squaty box that the lid opens from one side
  9. 2 T shape 1 inch PVC hinges
  10. 2 pill bottles (supplement or aspirin or the like)
  11. 1 wooden pole - mop poll, painter roller extension poll or the cheap Pimp Daddy cane I had left over works too.
  12. 2 paper cups
General Soldier Attire
  1. 1 Helmet (Army, police brigade, etc.)
  2. 1 pair of gloves
    I used those cheap knitted cotton gloves that are like a dollar
  3. 1 Long sleeved dress shirt
  4. 1 pair of pants - not fitted. (after you paint it, even loose was hard to put on)
  5. 1 pair of pantyhose
    People in the past had suggested to spray paint it. I think they are high. I strongly suggest getting emerald or kelly green stockings/pantyhose.
  6. 1 pair of boots
    Doesn't really matter how high they go. No one notices that. I used a knee high pair that the paints covered half of it up. Worked great.
  1. 1 Grenade - plastic toy
  2. 1 Machete - plastic toy
  3. 1 Cardboard box big enough for stand
Awesome! I love the pantyhose for covering your face, seems very plastic soldier-like! How do you walk with the stand? Is it connected to one of your boots or do you just stand on it?
kieshar (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you!
The stand, I just stood on. I wish I had time to do something different. I had seen a group that had the 2 halved of the stand attached to their boots. Made walking, I'm sure, interesting but it looked damn cool.
Jayefuu2 years ago
This is excellent :)
kieshar (author)  Jayefuu2 years ago
Thank you! I loved wearing it. I wished i had more time to make it durable and last longer. People really like the concept.