Plastic Hanger CamelBak Dryer





Introduction: Plastic Hanger CamelBak Dryer

After finding my CamelBak bladder rust stained from the metal coat hanger I previously used to dry it, I thought there had to be a better way. I thought I remembered a site where somebody modified a plastic coat hanger. I After some searching I found it here: Plastic it definitely a better material, but I thought I could do better.

Step 1: Materials


CamelBak bladder
Heat gun
Plastic hanger
Cool water
Index card
Sharpie or other marker

Step 2: Measure

Measure the opening with an index card to get a rough size.
Trandsfer the measurement to the hanger.

Step 3: Bend the First Side.

Using a heat gun, heat the hanger on the top right marking.
Bend the hanger until it forms a right angle.
Run the hanger under cool water to lock the bend
Repeat with the bottom right marking.

Heat the hanger slowly and apply slow even pressure or it will snap.

Step 4: Bend the Second Side

Bend the second side like the first.

Step 5: Bend the Hook

Step 6: Test Fit

The hanger will probably be a litte wider then the bladder. You should be able to squeeze the hanger until it pops into the bladder.

Note the clothspin for holding the mouth valve open.



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    benjamenjohnson I just went through 5 hangers to get this very clever bladder dryer to work with mine. I also have a narrower mouth bladder and all I did eventually was just stand my heat gun on its built in stand and heat up both the hanger area and the bottom area and slowly bend into a V shape instead of squaring it up. After those areas cooled a bit I went back to the hanger area and heated that up to straighten the hook out to hang properly. I ended up making 2 in less than 5 minutes. Thank you so much for sharing your idea. Also for those concerned with mold, just mix very hot tap water with dishwashing liquid and a good amount of bleach and let it sit in the bladder for a while, the bleach will get rid of any bacteria that will turn into mold. Rinse well, put the dryer in drape the hose around the hanger part and you are good to go :)

    great idea, perfect for what i needed on my knockoff camelbak. only took
    me roughly ten minutes. used a simple lighter since i dont have a torch. again thanks!

    Quick and easy. Works like a charm. Thank you!

    Just made this, my first Instructable!! Thanks, it's worked brilliantly

    Ok so ive always had trouble drying my camelbak. after i found this, i dried it in like 3 hours i just used a blow torch and you dont really need 2 measure just estimate. even if its a lil uneven it still works. great ible!!

    Exactly what I needed. Good job!

    I made one with a child size hangar. I think the child size hangar worked best. Also, use a thin plastic hangar - it bends easier than the thick ones. Great tips!

    If the coat hanger snaps, you can always use a hot glue gun, this will cause it to be easier to squeeze into bladder.

    Awesome. I just happened to have a heat gun and a few dozen spare plastic coat hangers. Took all of 5 minutes to bend the hanger. Saved me $12 thanks for sharing the idea.