After finding my CamelBak bladder rust stained from the metal coat hanger I previously used to dry it, I thought there had to be a better way. I thought I remembered a site where somebody modified a plastic coat hanger. I After some searching I found it here: http://www.fightingreality.com/blog/?m=200606. Plastic it definitely a better material, but I thought I could do better.

Step 1: Materials


CamelBak bladder
Heat gun
Plastic hanger
Cool water
Index card
Sharpie or other marker
<p>great idea, perfect for what i needed on my knockoff camelbak. only took<br> me roughly ten minutes. used a simple lighter since i dont have a torch. again thanks!</p>
Quick and easy. Works like a charm. Thank you!
Just made this, my first Instructable!! Thanks, it's worked brilliantly
Ok so ive always had trouble drying my camelbak. after i found this, i dried it in like 3 hours i just used a blow torch and you dont really need 2 measure just estimate. even if its a lil uneven it still works. great ible!!
Excellent variation on this idea. Good job.
Exactly what I needed. Good job!
I made one with a child size hangar. I think the child size hangar worked best. Also, use a thin plastic hangar - it bends easier than the thick ones. Great tips!
If the coat hanger snaps, you can always use a hot glue gun, this will cause it to be easier to squeeze into bladder.
Awesome. I just happened to have a heat gun and a few dozen spare plastic coat hangers. Took all of 5 minutes to bend the hanger. Saved me $12 thanks for sharing the idea.
nice! thank you!
You could just use "drip" hangers. They are regular metal hangers coated in plastic, so as to not rust on clothes/camelbacks. They cost a dollar at Walmart-ish stores.
instead of a heat gun, you can use a candle flame for the heat, that works fine, but be careful not to burn the edges of the hanger. You can also take the mouthpiece off of the camelbak for it to dry
Very nice, I made one very easily. Thank you. However, couldn't you just remove the mouth piece (being as it just pulls off), instead of the clothes pin?
Here is another way to do it that doesn’t involve having to build anything: 1) Empty out as much water as you possibly can, then reseal the camelback 2) Through the drinking tube blow air into the pack until it’s inflated 3) Hang upside down for the night (So all the water will settle at the opening 4) Wipe out the excess water in the morning with a paper towel
I recently started unplugging the tube from the bag too because I got some moldy build up in the junction which is a real pain to clean.
Well, I have a wire coat hanger, and I just wrapped it with tape. I am afraid to melt plastic with my soldering iron, because I think that's carcinogenous? I think you could just snip it off with snips just as easy, and not yuck-up your soldering iron.
I just toss mine in the freezer after I empty them out.
This one won't work for me - the filling hole is too narrow, but the clothespin on the mouthpiece is genius! I could never figure out how to get the tube dry, and the metal hangers never worked for me either. Maybe i can fashion a much narrower version of this.

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