Plastic Jug Filter




Introduction: Plastic Jug Filter

This instructable shows how to turn an HDPE plastic jug into a filter. This can be used to filter particulates from a chemical experiment for instance.

Step 1: Form the Funnel

The top of the jug becomes the funnel:
  1. Use something to support a permanent marker.
  2. Keep the marker stationary and rotate the bottle to mark the level.
  3. Cut off the lid and handle.
  4. Trace and cut to make a funnel.
  5. Heat where the handle used to be and flatten.
  6. Heat and apply extra patch of plastic for the handle hole.

Step 2: Form Stop Tabs

To keep the funnel from falling or rotating into the 'bucket' part of the jug, make four tabs:
  1. Heat and squish the handle.
  2. Cut square pieces from the squished slab of plastic.
  3. Solder the tabs onto the funnel.

Step 3: Create Support Net

Create a support net for the funnel's filter:
  1. Cut thin strips of HDPE and tape them down in equal spacing.
  2. Overlay additional strips.
  3. Heat using a heat gun or embossing tool.
  4. Squish with a wooden block.

Step 4: Solder and Use

In the last step, solder the mesh to the funnel and use:
  1. Tack the mesh onto the funnel.
  2. Cut excess length.
  3. Solder all pieces.
  4. Put funnel over bucket.
  5. Insert a paper filter.
  6. Use.



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