Build your own 3D scanner on the cheap! All you need is less than $50 of hardware store materials, a digital camera, and 123D Catch.

Why a plastic pail? 123D Catch works best using pictures taken at even intervals around an object under good lighting conditions. Using a white, translucent pail gives you an easy way to create a diffuse light source and move a camera at even intervals around and object.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

1. Translucent pail and lid.
2. Digital Camera
3. Light source you can position over the pail.
4. Painter's tape or masking tape
5. 4 Wood screws, #6 x 1/2"
6. White spray paint
7. Permanent Marker
8. 12" x 12" x 1/2" Piece of plywood
9. Velcro with adhesive backing, 3ft

These are all things I was able to find at my local Home Depot. Here are some important tips:

The Pail: The camera will be positioned just outside the pail. The pail needs to be wide enough so that the camera is not too close to the object you want to scan. If the camera is too close, it won't be able to focus on the object. For my camera, I was able to use a 6.5" wide pail.

The Plywood: This is to have something you can screw the lid down to. A work bench or anything thick enough for the screw will do. I'll be screwing the lid down to my old second-hand desk.

<p>Great idea</p>
<p>Amazing...! so cool and crafty</p>
Great idea.
Now that is just pure brilliance!
<p>Interesting take on the 3D scan. Very compact!</p>

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