Do you ever want a paperclip that's at least a little different then every other paperclip out there?  Metal paper clips are really useful, and do a great job, but sometimes I just want something a little different.

That's where plastic paperclips come in!  Though, the ones sold in stores tend to make me pine for the normality of the metal paper clip.  I still wanted something different though!  So when instructables came into possession of several Duane Reade club cards, I knew I had my chance!

Step 1: Materials

Any type of Club Card, Credit Card or Gift Card type item. (preferably one that's no longer good)
A Laser Cutter (or X-Acto Blade)
(if using a laser cutter you'll need the appropriate software)
A little bit of spare time.

My son LOVES instructables. And I love gift cards. This is the perfect project for both of us! I've seen the guitar pick punch online. It's nice because it's automatic, but is limited in that it only makes one shape. I love your manual, more creative solution!
Hey! :0)  When did you make this cool Instructable?  Very Nice!
The small image of the hand makes it look like it's wearing a ring!&nbsp; <br /> The red part of the card makes a beautiful ruby :D<br />
Your right! I didn't even notice that.<br />
<p>Great idea!</p>
Nice<br />
&nbsp;Nice! &nbsp;Cheaper than the five dollar ones at Borders.
Nice tip!

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