Picture of Plastic Soda Bottle Lid Capsule
A couple of months ago I stumbled upon a discussion board that talked about and showed a small, lightweight reusable container made out of the necks and lids of two plastic soda bottles.  I haven't been able to find that same post ever since, but remember enough about it to want to give it a shot for myself.

I started with two identical plastic soda bottles to make sure that they would match in size. I cut the necks of the bottles off using a small hacksaw making sure that I kept the large flange that would be used to glue the two necks together later.

Step 1: Cut off the necks

Picture of Cut off the necks
I used a vice to hold the bottles still while I cut through them. If you don't have a vice you can still do the same thing by hand,but be very careful and take your time.

Once I had cut off the neck of each bottle I used a flat file to smooth down the rough saw marks and left over plastic.  The idea is to remove all the rough edges until you have a flat surface level with the large flange as this will be where you will glue the two pieces together.
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BustaCAPI made it!6 days ago

I'm a Paramedic and I see what others don't and smell what most wont. I made my capsule with a para cord band with Caribbeanor and filled capsule with VICKs. Awesome DIY and life hack

bfgreen (author)  BustaCAPI6 days ago
I love the paracord band option. Genius. Thanks for sharing the photos :)
gregg54 months ago

Cool, it works great. I made a few to store matches and put them in everything I use. I also glued a small piece of sandpaper on the inside of the caps for strike anywhere matches.

Is there a way to make it longer say ... for matches??
The title is "Small storage-units from bottle caps"
There is a similar instructable made by Dop 13. I suggest checking it out.
cut the neck longer,or cut the match so it fits
jedikid67773 years ago
is there an easier way to file please reply asap P.S im new on this site
Creak jedikid67776 months ago
If you have any kind of sander handy try that. Just be care full of your fingertips if you use a belt sander.
Get a dremel tool or even a cheapie one.
avonborowsky made it!1 year ago

This is a great idea!

I will cut all bottles I see in my front!

It is cool because you can make it with various kinds of bottles to make different models. And afters you can make a cute customization.

I just melted the two ends together with a lighter

Goog idea! I will try this.

kalvin3591 year ago
i made one and used it to store my weed
dputra61 year ago
This is great, already made my own, I use juice bottle cap instead of soda for larger capacity. Wrap it with fishing line (snare) and fill it with hooks, sinker, matches, xacto blade, baby pin, and bandaid . then throw it in to my emergency bag . Thanks.
nic nak2 years ago
I agree that this would make a great geocaching log container. 35mm film pots used to be perfect, but who buys those anymore?
Reiff nic nak2 years ago
Yeah, I have found a geocache in that before, had a magnet inside so it attached to a guardrail. Also you can buy film canisters on ebay specifically meant for geocaching.
handprints2 years ago
This is so cool! I am running to rescue stuff from our recycle bin!
Schmidty163 years ago
here is mine that ive had for a while befor and after it is made out of a gaterraid bottle i am going to make an instructable on
Tofu3 years ago
Not going to read all 107 comments; to see if someone already mentioned this or not; but this would be a great small geocaching log container.

Great 'ible!
Galonii Tofu3 years ago
They work great for geocaches! But instead of cutting the bottles at the neck and glueing them together we cut them down almost the the extra neck piece put some gorilla glue around the lip and snap another bottle cap to the other end, then I glue some of those super magnets inside, and there you go a perfect micro geocache thats water tight!
lime3D Galonii3 years ago
Why go through all that work? Just use an 8 oz water bottle they way it is, no modification necessary. (Except for the magnets.)

bfgreen (author)  Tofu3 years ago
Over 13,000 views and more than 100 comments - this was supposed to be kept between the few of us!
brownie43213 years ago
I have made this very item with one change. I cut a small section from the side of the bottle and glued it into the middle of the two sections thereby making a two sectioned container. I have several of them and use differing colored caps or plastic to differentiate at-a-glance. They can contain medications, spices, small parts. I have some to carry travel fishing tackle like weights and hooks. Very handy. Thanks for posting.
After makng mine, i wrapped the center portions with fishing line and added a few hooks, swivels and sinkers to make it useful if i ever wanna do some quick fishing! the container is already a bobber! Thanks for this
17hmr2433 years ago
thanks ill have to use this now
DivaB3 years ago
We've always made a ton of these in our group, but we glue plastic in the middle section so that each side is divided. Each side holds a different spice for camp cooking.
bigfatton3 years ago
Awesome instructable, I've made 2 now and I think they're soo cool. My only concern is that I noticed on the krazy glue bottle, it says not to use it on Polyethylene, which isn't that what Soda Bottles are made of? PET? anyways, it worked regardless. Also, has anyone thought to use heat shrink tubing where the necks meet to ensure water-tightness? I've never really worked with the stuff, but it seemed like a neat idea.
freeza363 years ago
i am making one right now
sppeart3 years ago
Great idea!
I might put some useful return info inside and fasten one of these to my dog's collar. He's got an ID tag - but there would be room for so much more in a rolled-up note tucked into one of these little capsules. Phone numbers, email address(es), any medication he needs, 'Reward if found', a picture of the kids crying their little hearts out... whatever. :)
Ketzer3 years ago

I'll just leave this here.
bfgreen (author)  Ketzer3 years ago
That looks great, if I wanted to buy them by the 100,000. What an annoying website - no pricing?
Yes the site is very,very annoying to get the price you have to email the company. stupid.
TheMaker8883 years ago
WaterProof i presume ?
bfgreen (author)  TheMaker8883 years ago
You presume correctly sir, else what is the point?
Rainh2o3 years ago
Could use a dremel tool to cut the bottles as well...
bfgreen (author)  Rainh2o3 years ago
Who doesn't have a Dremel? Of course, it goes without saying :)
robot+more3 years ago
this is a cool instructable i did this but instead with two Gatorade bottles and it is about twice the size.
bfgreen (author)  robot+more3 years ago
I love making these with Gatorade bottles.
rtnatividad3 years ago
If there's a hose attachment that's the right size and design to screw onto the threaded neck of a soda bottle this would be PERFECT for making my own water reservoir for my Super Soaker Bottle Blitz :O
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