Plastic Wrap Door Trick





Introduction: Plastic Wrap Door Trick

This is a funny trick, that is HILARIOUS to watch. Wehn a person walks into the door, not seeing the plasic wrap, they hit it, and possibly fall. Make sure the door is open. THIS IS NOT TO BE DONE WITH ANIMALS, I JUST COULDN'T FIND ANOTHER PICTURE

Step 1: Materials

The only materials are plastic warp, enough to cover ur whole door, also tape and sissors

Step 2: Covering the Door

Tape plastic wrap on the door of who u want to prank.

Step 3: Time to Wait

Now sneak a way, and convince the victim to go to the room that the door is leading to.                                                                                                                                                                               NOTE: u can also use this on a cat door, or dog door for animals.

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    iam trying to do this joke on my sister because i think it would be funny i tryed it last year but the saran wrap was not tight enough and it did not hold.

    not funny. Just cruel.

    thats so mean for animals but for people it funny

    Mr. Spock plastic warp factor 7 please.

     "I'm givin' it all she's got, kiptin!"

    that ould make an awsome poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   SPACEBALLS

    thats awsome im gonna make one

    There's something in the way of our warp. No, it cannot be...  Wrap? Plastic wrap preventing our warp? unbelievable.

     No, definitely the Q. Haven't you ever seen TNG?

    No but I still think it is the J

     Ah. Well the Q comes up throughout TNG.

    Oh I see, Professor Wikipedia has enlightened me.