This is a funny trick, that is HILARIOUS to watch. Wehn a person walks into the door, not seeing the plasic wrap, they hit it, and possibly fall. Make sure the door is open. THIS IS NOT TO BE DONE WITH ANIMALS, I JUST COULDN'T FIND ANOTHER PICTURE

Step 1: Materials

The only materials are plastic warp, enough to cover ur whole door, also tape and sissors

Step 2: Covering the Door

Tape plastic wrap on the door of who u want to prank.

Step 3: Time to Wait

Now sneak a way, and convince the victim to go to the room that the door is leading to.                                                                                                                                                                               NOTE: u can also use this on a cat door, or dog door for animals.
iam trying to do this joke on my sister because i think it would be funny i tryed it last year but the saran wrap was not tight enough and it did not hold. <br>
not funny. Just cruel.
thats so mean for animals but for people it funny
&nbsp;What's &quot;plastic warp&quot; lol
&nbsp;lol typo
&nbsp;got that. :)&nbsp;
Mr. Spock plastic warp factor 7 please.<br />
&nbsp;&quot;I'm givin' it all she's got, kiptin!&quot;
<br />
that ould make an awsome poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&nbsp;&nbsp; <strong>SPACEBALLS</strong>
It is all ready done just use the <a href="http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/" rel="nofollow">rasterbator.</a><br />
thats awsome im gonna make one
There's something in the way of our warp. No, it cannot be...&nbsp; Wrap? Plastic wrap preventing our warp? unbelievable.
&nbsp;It must be Q...
Or J<br />
&nbsp;No, definitely the Q. Haven't you ever seen TNG?
No but I still think it is the J<br />
&nbsp;Ah. Well the Q comes up throughout TNG.
Oh I see, Professor Wikipedia has enlightened me.<br />
Did you just copied all the photos (and the video) from the internet and slap it all together?<br />
Looks like it!&nbsp;Booooo<br />
that is a HILARIOUS gif.&nbsp; i laughed for a good minute, thanks!<br />
would work great on cat but he can break a hard plastic door<br /> <br />
man that cat just keeps trying and trying to get in. i wonder if he ever realizes that he looks stupid...........<br />
&nbsp;The Cling film prank works well on humans too!!<br /> especially if you cling film the toilet bowl - and leave the set down !<br /> <br /> maks a lot of mess, and much unhappy fallout<br />
Ok it's pritty funny but, kind a sad for the cat.
&nbsp;its kinda silly to prank your cat<br /> i gonaa do this with my dad
i've always prefered the ol' &quot;wrap the terlet bowl&quot; trick....basically the same thing, but instead of a door, you wrap the bowl of a toilet (under the seat) with saran wrap (clingfilm). works best in the ladies room
Haha............hence the username &quot;crapflinger&quot;&nbsp; :)
&nbsp;Wow... spent 5 minutes laughing at the video. And another 5 to that comment.
Your welcome :)
Here Kitty kitty kitty...<br /> <br /> Where did I put that shrink wrap..<br /> <br /> <br />
Did you pick this off the internet or actually do it?<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br /> <a href="http://i.imgur.com/GreMg.gif" rel="nofollow">i.imgur.com/GreMg.gif</a><br /> <br />
He probably picked it from the internet, who picked it from this youtube video:<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fErbxtKMOWM<br /> <br /> Either way, this is a worthless Instructable and is promoting cruelty to animals. Regardless of whether the animal has been hurt, I think it is quite stupid that Instructables has this dribble on the FRONT&nbsp;PAGE.<br />
It lacks a real how-to, but unfortunately competitions <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/projectprank/" rel="nofollow">like this</a> tend to bring out the worst - more to come I'm sure.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Agreed. +1. <br />
+1<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Guess you don't like cats
like i said in the instructions, YOU DON&quot;T&nbsp;HAVE&nbsp;TO&nbsp;DO&nbsp;IT&nbsp;TO&nbsp;A&nbsp;CAT, U&nbsp;CAN&nbsp;DO&nbsp;IT&nbsp;TO&nbsp;A&nbsp;PERSON&nbsp;ALSO<br />
okay, to all of u who are complaining, just shut up, if u don't like the prank then don't look at it, u just make a harmless prank a bad thing. the cat DIDN'T get hurt, so stop complaining<br />
It's great fun to use on adults (or better yet, teenagers), who <em>should</em> be paying attention.&nbsp; Not so nice to use on animals or small children, who don't expect their routines to be arbitrarily disrupted.<br />
<strong><em>OK...no more animals...where do your parents live...they are next.1</em></strong>
Um.&nbsp; I&nbsp;am a parent.&nbsp; Now go finish your homework and get to bed.<br />
Why do teens and adults deserve to have their routines arbitrarily disrupted? You don't think pets &quot;should be paying attention&quot; too? At least pets are four-legged, more stable and don't FALL 5-6FT TO THE GROUND when they're victimized.<br /> <br /> Harmless fun, lighten up.<br />