I made this purse for my sister for Valentines day ,and the whole family liked it. I knitted it with size 13 needles, and about 25 stitches wide. The strap was made with size 7 needles an had 4 stitches. I forgot where I got the button. It was very fun to make and a joy to see my sisters face when I gave it to her. (100% recycled materials)
I made this with a knitting loom
I'm wondering how you made the plastic bags into "yarn". I'm guessing you cut it into strips. I wonder how wide you made the strips? I really like your bag, and would like to make one too!
Place the bag flat, cut off the handle portion and the bottom seam.&nbsp; You should have a flattened plastic cylinder.&nbsp; Cut across from side to side about every inch so you get a series of one inch wide loops.&nbsp; String the loops together by placing one over another and pulling the end of the bottom one up and the end of the top one down.&nbsp; They will catch together as you pull.&nbsp; Just keep adding more loops.<br /> <br /> I try to roll mine up as I go and then put it into an empty container like a Clorox wipes container that will keep the ball from unraveling while allowing the end of the plastic yarn to be fed through the opening.&nbsp; It's great for knitting, loom knitting, and cording.&nbsp; <br />
I might have to do a instructable on that subject.
You can find instructions for making these bags by googling. Also, check out fused plastic bags
Where can I find written instructions on how to make one please?
wow! that's recycling!
these are really "big" in England and last year I was given two of them by friends. I have been vowing to make one of my own, but so far haven't got round to it. It's a wonderful idea for recycling all those grocery bags!
Nice job! I hope your sister liked it! :-)

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