Plastic Bag Knitted Purse!





Introduction: Plastic Bag Knitted Purse!

I made this purse for my sister for Valentines day ,and the whole family liked it. I knitted it with size 13 needles, and about 25 stitches wide. The strap was made with size 7 needles an had 4 stitches. I forgot where I got the button. It was very fun to make and a joy to see my sisters face when I gave it to her. (100% recycled materials)



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    I made this with a knitting loom

    hanging plant.jpg

    I'm wondering how you made the plastic bags into "yarn". I'm guessing you cut it into strips. I wonder how wide you made the strips? I really like your bag, and would like to make one too!

    Place the bag flat, cut off the handle portion and the bottom seam.  You should have a flattened plastic cylinder.  Cut across from side to side about every inch so you get a series of one inch wide loops.  String the loops together by placing one over another and pulling the end of the bottom one up and the end of the top one down.  They will catch together as you pull.  Just keep adding more loops.

    I try to roll mine up as I go and then put it into an empty container like a Clorox wipes container that will keep the ball from unraveling while allowing the end of the plastic yarn to be fed through the opening.  It's great for knitting, loom knitting, and cording. 

    I might have to do a instructable on that subject.

    You can find instructions for making these bags by googling. Also, check out fused plastic bags

    Where can I find written instructions on how to make one please?

    these are really "big" in England and last year I was given two of them by friends. I have been vowing to make one of my own, but so far haven't got round to it. It's a wonderful idea for recycling all those grocery bags!

    Nice job! I hope your sister liked it! :-)