Picture of Plastic bottle birdhouse
Isn't that the best thing there is? Use your plastic waste for a bird-nursery. After your clothes have been refreshed you step out in nature and you hear the tiny squeaks of little birds housing in your former detergent bottle.

It is easy to make. No special skills needed. And very basic tools.
Still the result looks streamlined like proper designer stuff.

Photo's shown throughout this instructable show a big and a smaller birdhouse, both made in similar ways with minor differences.
The blue rimmed one ismy first built and it is the bigger one. Most instructable steps show the second built one.
It depends op the type of bottles you can find, how the end result will look at the end

Step 1: You will need:

Picture of you will need:
simple tools:
small hacksaw
strong all purpose scissors
revolver rod

Two plastic detergent bottles
The house one preferably with a more or less square bottom
The roof one almond shaped. See pictures
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barbwire8up2 years ago
SWEET love to recycle
Honestly it looks cool but it's a little bit too complicated... :(
Ruud van Koningsbrugge (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing your experience.
autumn12 years ago
I make bird feeders out of 2-liter bottles. The birds won't really come around unless they are painted. I think it's the reflection.
IamWe2 years ago
Gefeliciteerd, met je eerste prijs! Dutch Design with recycle material. Well done.
Ruud van Koningsbrugge (author)  IamWe2 years ago
Dank je Berto. Ik ben totaal verrast.
Zal binnenkort de website/ blogs van Safarana een goed bestuderen.
Oh ja ( taalfoutje?) je introductie op instructables zegt dat je een tinkerer bent; moet dat geen thinker zijn?
cepterbi2 years ago
it looks awesome
HollyMann2 years ago
This is just what I needed - a great bird house idea so I can move my sweet bird sparrows out of from underneath my window sill/air conditioner!! THANKSSS
I would devise a vertical piece of wood attached to the opening instead of a perch. A perch will allow trash birds (sparrows) to access the house,
Edgar2 years ago
Good idea, and a link to it is now on my Gizmo Blog:
Ruud van Koningsbrugge (author)  Edgar2 years ago
Muito obrigado!

How wonderful. I needed half an hour to translate the sentences on your blog that introduce my birdhouse. I am honoured!
There's google translate, you know.
swell2 years ago
Only thing I would add is a perch outside the entry hole. Maybe a wooden dowel secured with a screw?
darklotus swell2 years ago
Good idea! A small platform or perch would make it even more appealing to the birds!
darklotus2 years ago
A great idea, although, like many commenters, I'd be wary of using any bottles that haven't held safe, food grade ingredients.

Where I live (Australia), we have a real problem with feral cats killing off our local smaller birdlife, so this is one of the easier ways (along with planting trees and large bushes that are close canopied and even thorned to discourage the cats) that will help protect my local smaller bird species.

I hope they appreciate the delicate scent of the fabric conditioner that was in the bottle.
The Satinbird is known for love of plastics...Decorates his surroundings with it. It must be the smell! (Or love of soft fabrics?)
chhaya.ipr2 years ago
Wov !!! Wonderful !! I will make it today only !! Thank you for sharing such wonderful idea !!
AmyCat592 years ago
I wouldn't use any bottles which aren't "food-safe" for this. As Gorozco and SparkMaster say, smell and chemical residue stays in plastic, and if it wasn't something safe to eat, it probably isn't good for the birds (especially tiny chicks!). There are things like gallon juice bottles for orange juice which aren't clear plastic, so the birdies don't have to go without privacy!

As long as you use "residue-free" bottles, though, this is a great idea!
ianmi2 years ago
Webcam inside
Ruud van Koningsbrugge (author)  ianmi2 years ago
Yes please! And of course you provide the instructable?
Or a 2.4GHz wireless setup, very simple and no dangerous wires!
Quite cheap from places like DX.
gorozco2 years ago
Maybe use Juice bottles or milk, there is some juice bottles close to this shape don't use bottles that hold soaps detergent or any chemicals that may harm the birds.
Really a nice project for sure going to make some for home.
charliesdeb2 years ago
luv this.i will try this for my birds.thank you for the idea......=)
Love this!! Thanks!
Tronclay2 years ago
One of the coolest ibles ive seen. The end results really do look like something modern you would buy for some outrageous price at a pet store. MY grandparents love watching the birds, I cant wait to surprise them with a few of these. Thanks for the ible!
Olga2 years ago
Clever and pretty use of these plastic bottles. I must try. Thank you for your idea and all the explanations.
ellora2 years ago
Have any birds moved in?
lbrewer422 years ago
This is a GREAT idea instead of the bottle ending up in a landfill

There's an ironic typo (that gave me a chuckle) in the "you will need:" list You accidentally typed "owl" instead of "awl!"

...very fitting seeing as this is a birdhouse :)
Thanks! It's quite a job to find all names of the tools in English. I did't know the awl was spelled with a A. If you see other strange words you are always welcome!
Yes - we in the Colonies have definitely corrupted the original language :^))

dfuller12 years ago
Nice project, thanks. The tool for poking holes is an awl, not an owl.
Thank you! I just learned it from Ibrewer. It sounded so familiar. English is not always that easy for me....
the smell never leaves the plastic and is unhealthy for the birds as it is composed of chemicals that are endocrine disruptors. It is unhealthy in humans as well.

nice looking units though.
Really? Ouch, that's disappointing. Thanks for the warning!
NickGriffin2 years ago
I love the design! I have a question, tho. I am currently reusing detergent and softener bottles for plant water (I save the water that runs to get hot water at the tap in them) and even after running them thru the washing machine several times they still smell of the fragrance in the original product. Will this put off the birds? Does anyone have a suggestion to eliminate the residual fragrance? (other than buying fragrance free of course) Thanks for the great design!
You're right Nick, the smell is a problem. Would caustic soda be a good idea?
There are large jugs of a similar shape that hold juice and you could use that type if you are concerned about the residue of detergent. I haven't looked to see if any of those are in anything other than clear though.
Edgar2 years ago
Very Ingenious! :)
joedutt2 years ago
Love the instructable but I have to make one comment coming from a parent with young teens. My first though o the main pic was Despicable Me minion clone troopers. Yes I am easily amused.

Great job.
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