I had been putting off changing my vehicle's oil for too long. As a DIYer, that's one of the projects i will take on when maintaining my ride. It was cold out so i was kind of in a rush. On top of that, someone just called me and needed to meet me at work. I said i could be there in 20 minutes. After all, changing the oil takes no time! I pulled onto the tire ramps and quickly scrambled under and drained the -- oh wait - why is that fluid red?

My car was bleeding some other essential fluid. I called the only person i could think of that wouldn't judge me as an idiot and might know what i could do to fix it. My brother.

With him on the phone and the manual for my car out and my head under the hood he was able to tell me that i probably drained the transmission fluid. I learned that there is another dipstick under the hood (three including me when i'm monkeying around in there) - i checked it and sure enough - it was dry. But i couldn't figure out where to refill the fluid. He suggested that i just pour it down the dipstick tube.

Of course. When i was at the store buying new oil i looked at their collection of funnels and thought to myself that i really could use a set of a variety of sizes some day. Turns out that day was way closer than i anticipated. Time to get all Mavericky -- er i mean, MacGyvery.

I'm sure you see where this goes. No? Here's how to make a funnel out of a water bottle.

Step 1: Tools and Equipment

  • Bottle
  • Bottle cap that fits the bottle
  • Pen that fits inside the liquid's destination
  • Utility knife
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Hand saw
  • Sealant
I like the idea, a sprite bottle might be better as it is conical in shape. The curved surface can still hold some water.
In a pinch I used a water bottle with a sports top on it. that way you can close the hole pretty fast and then just stuff a paper towel down the top of the funnel when you're done to control excess that still coats the bottle (won't drip in your trunk). Since most bottles have the same sized opening regardless of bottle shape, I used a "Smart Water" bottle for transmission fluid because the bottle is pretty long in terms of height, and narrow enough to reach the fill hole further down in the engine bay. For my oil funnel, a standard water bottle works wonders!
Great Idea . When I am looking for a disposable funnel or a funnel for anything I'll know what to do now . Great use of parts laying around.
I've done this before as well. Fortunately I was able to put the drain plug back in before losing too much (and had a suitable funnel.) It's awesome when they put the transmission drain plug pretty much in the center of the engine, then hide the oil drain plug in the wheel well...
They're great for coolant and brake/steering fluid too. I wrap a bit of self-amalgamating tape around the neck sometimes to help them sit better and seal any leaks
I use bottles all the time as funnels :D Very helpful for pouring hot liquid glue and not wanting to ruin a real funnel.
this is a great way to make a funnel A small one a large one etc using diff size bottles
Thanks for this. It will come in handy.

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