Step 23: Done, Almost.

This would be very cool looking using a smaller base and clear or light wine bottles, too. <br> <br>Thanks for sharing this. It is a brilliant idea with lots of room for variation.
This is pretty good, my only problem is the fact that you stuffed the labels back into the bottles. It just looks sort of tacky to me. It would be pretty neat to use some very very light spray-paint, to give everything a frosted look. It would also help to diffuse the light.
Here u r, without labels!
Beautiful! I Love it!
I agree about the labels. If there weren't any labels, it would look great!
You could put the labels into the big water bottle. The ideal is to have no waste.
cityup i think he means with the bottle lamp on and bedroom lights out lol
Pero no se calienta el plastico? al rato un accidente
you need a pic with the lights out!
Step 23!
great project. alo of steps could have been consolidated in to 1 step with mulitple pictures... clicking the next button every time and waiting for it to load is a little un-user-friendly. BUT the lamp is awesome!
just to let you know, you can choose to view the 'ible all on one page so you don't have to click next for each page... and this lamp idea is very cool, thanks for it!
unless your a guest on instructables, then you have to click next everytime
Just one more reason to become a member. As if someone needed one....
not only can you post 'iBles, but you can do so much more<br/><br/>====== plus, its free! ======<br/>
still trying to master the text formatting here XD
cool thanx cherry bowls

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