This is how to make copies of figurines or action figures using an epoxy mold.

Step 1: Start With an Aluminum Frame.

This frame was purchased from TECHKITS

Step 2: Epoxy With Aluminum Filler Works Best.

This aluminum filled epoxy is from Devcon.

Step 3: ​Coat the Figurine With Carnuba Wax So It Won't Stick to the Epoxy.

Then fill half of the frame with epoxy and embed the figurine half way into the epoxy.

Step 4: Fill the Other Half of the Frame With Epoxy.

Once it hardens, remove the original & you now will have a complete mold for making copies.

Step 5: Now You Can Fill Your Epoxy Mold.

Here molten plastic is being injected with a machine from LNS Technologies

Step 6: An Almost Perfect Copy of the Original!

But some clean-up may be required.

Step 7: Here Is a Video Showing the Process Making Copies of the Original Figure.

The injection machine was purchased from easyplasticmolding.com

<p>I've really got to get to work making my injection moulder now :D</p>
<p>hello, You can give photo of big size</p>
<p>Very nice! Those little soldiers are so cool. I think one sitting at a sewing machine would be awesome! ;)</p>

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