Plastic Molding With Grocery Bags





Introduction: Plastic Molding With Grocery Bags

I hated seeing all these perfectly good plastic bags go to waste, so I decided I would figure out a way to reuse them. In this instructable I'll show you how to use old bags to mold plastic parts.

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you need is:

Plastic bags

A mold to cast

A large open space

Step 2: Preparation

Twist up a plastic bag and hold it with the pliers

Light the bag on fire


Step 3: Molding

After a few second molten drops of plastic will drip off of the end. Let these drip over your mold. Continue until the mold is full. It may take more than one bag. Let the plastic and the mold cool for at least five minutes

Step 4: Done!

Thats it! After it has cooled take it out of your mold. You might want to use a knife or a torch to smooth out some of the edges.

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Enjoy responsibly!



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    this plastic is really cool but from experience with molding plastic, there are a couple of different plastics that are out there the most common one being hdpe in fact the bags you just melted are hdpe. the good thing about this plastic is the least toxic and should not release fumes if you dont overheat it. also overheating the plastic will break apart the polymer molecules and drastically weaken the material and will. the way i melt it is with a toaster oven set to 330 - 340 degrees farenheit and i put in a lot of bags at least 40 because each bag only gives you about 5 grams of plastic. and keep in mind hdpe plastic which is the same as the bags will not become liquid when melted which is normal it will become a sort of dough like consistency so you simply take oven proof gloves knead the plastic like dough reheat and then clamp it down between two sheets of plywood in my case i had a more dedicated mold i made with a rectangular baking pan and a cover i made of plywood that you can clamp down after about an hour of cooling i unclamped the mold and had a solid sheet of plastic which was completely unbreakable and is even stronger than wood. in additition to plastic bags there are many more things that are made of hdpe including milk jugs, detergent bottles, 5 gallon buckets, water bottle caps all of these can be melted down. if you look up "melt hdpe" on google there are many tutorials explainining the process better than me.

    Mine just burned up no molten plastic

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