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Looking to maximize the space of your apartment?

A platform bed is an ideal way to gain storage and create a comfortable space. Create a custom platform bed following the building basics show here for any room! This project can be completed over the weekend using tools and materials that costs less then most bed frames.

Questions & comments are always welcome, Best! Jeff


If that sounds familiar you may have seen the first post -

Step 1: Tools and Materials

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Here are the suggested tools and materials for building your platform bed.


Four foot level, Hammer,Pry Bar, Circular Saw & Handsaw, Drill & Drill Bits, Screw Drivers, Tape Measure, Extension Cord, Carpenter's Square, Paint Brush (not shown). Safety: Goggles/Ear Protection


2x4s2x6s2x2s3" Screws and/or Nails (see note below),1-1/4" Drywall Screws, Cedar boards (bought from Habitat Restore), Plywood or OSBPaint (optional), Quantity: For this project I used (6) 2x4s, (1) 2x6s, (0) 2x2s, (2) 4x8 3/8" OSB, (1) box drywall screws, (1) box 3" wood screws, (.1) gal paint. Cost: All materials cost around $60 from HD/Lowes/Habitat. All tools cost under $120 and were purchased refurbished online or used off craigslist. Fasteners: I recommend using all screws for the project.

--- All materials were salvaged from the last project -

Step 2: Mount to Wall

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Start with the height of the final bed and work backwards to determine the height of the mount.

I started with the height of the milk crate supports + 3/8" plywood. That allowed me to match the window sill and get the desired bed height.

Step 3: Frame Platform

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I cut each joist to length. Each piece is a hair long and tapped in place. The height of the milk crates made it easier to support in place and fix with screws.

Step 4: Deck Platform

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Cut decking to fit.

Drywall screws should be used as needed. If you used scrap or boards you may need to adjust 4" from any connection of the framing or boards. Added from there as needed - approx every 16"

Step 5: Headboard

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Simply reused the screw holes from the last project directly in to the drywall over latice. Would typically preferred to frame off the wall but given the 82" span didn't want to sacrifice the inches.

May add a foot board.

Step 6: Storage

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Used scrap 2x6s to frame out a storage area.

Fits a clock radio and phone charger at the end of an extension cord.

Step 7: Additional Projects

Picture of Additional Projects

When zoomed out you can see the wall mounted drafting table and cove shelf. More to follow!

Thank you for viewing!! Jeff


seamster (author)2014-09-08

Nice work! Way to maximize your space!

jprussack (author)seamster2014-09-08

Thanks Seamster!!

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