Picture of Platform/storage bed frame
So after taking bits and pieces from the following instructables and doing a lil research and design of my own. I decided to embark on making my own platform/storage bed. This is a very bare instructable cause it was just myself taking pictures mostly. You get the basic idea/design. It cost about $380 to build with the most expensive things being the drawer slides. I still havent completely finished it so more pictures will be added. Just wanted to get this up here to hopefully inspire someone to make their own. If you have any ?'s about the materials I used etc just ask. And yes it is very heavy and was really hard getting up the stairs but will withstand alot of abuse. ;-)
UdyRegan2 months ago

That's a lovely amount of storage in that bed! Now to throw on a lovely coat of paint on it….

eearnhart9 months ago
Any plans or instructions on how to make this or link to instructions? I think this is a great bed frame awesome work!!