Picture of Play Ad-Supported iPhone Games without Ads
This is a very simple way to play ad supported games on the iPhone without the annoying ads. Really all you have to do on an iTouch is disable the wifi. On an iPhone you may have to disable your 3G data connection as well.
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Step 1: ITouch Settings

Picture of iTouch Settings
Go to your settings menu and click on the WiFi connection button.

Step 2: Turn off Wifi. Enjoy

Picture of Turn off Wifi. Enjoy
Turn off the wifi. Now you can enjoy games like Lemonade Tycoon without ads. You may have to turn off your 3G on the iPhone.

The ads have to be loaded via an active internet connection. Without a connection they will never load. Awesome.

Bluesfire3 years ago
I agree with Aqu. Ads never bother me, if you like the game and want to see good updates or new games, just leave them there
Aqu5 years ago
The important bit of "ad-supported" is the "supported".

If you like the games, and the ads are sensibly sized and not too disruptive, please leave them there. It's like tipping the game developer - and game developers love their beer budget.
hjfast (author) 5 years ago
Got it.