Can you remember those brilliant now extinct games? Being 13 I personally can't but I still think their awesome.
In this simple tutorial you can learn to play classic Atari Breakout using a cheeky chrome Easter egg!

Step 1: Open Chrome!

For this tutorial you will need to be connected to the Internet and have chrome.. okay?

Step 2: Find the Game

Simply search "Atari breakout" in chrome them switch to images.

Step 3: Enjoy!

now you can do play.. This is my second instructable so I'd love a like and a vote!
<p>XD wow!!!!!! i love breakout!!!!!!</p>
<p>I never thought to look for Easter Eggs in Chrome - I've used them in Word and Excel, but never Chrome - Thank you!</p>
Wait did you say word and excel Easter eggs.. Cool. Mind sharing a few?
No problem m8
<p>This is great and I am addicted to playing it now!!</p>
Cool. You can play it on mobile too
cool! these chrome easter eggs are so fun.
I've just created another instructable about another Google game.. so have a look if you want guys!
I know.. My frined told me this one

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Bio: I love winning contests, but mostly enjoy getting likes and comments!
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