Introduction: Play DVDs on Any Wii

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In this instructable I will teach you how to play DVDs on any Wii.

You Will Need:

A way to boot homebrew (.elf) Go here to see my instructable on how to run homebrew on any wii.

An SD Card


Step 1: Get the Files

Get all the files here

Step 2: Install DVDX

Picture of Install DVDX

Step 1: Open The Homebrew Channel

Step 2: Select the app labeled DVDx Installer

Step 3: Select "Normal Install"

Step 4: When it is done installing, hit Exit

Your Done Installing DVDx

Step 3: Play DVDs

Picture of Play DVDs

To Play DVDs:

Step 1: Go into The Homebrew Channel and select the app labeled MPlayer

Step 2: Select DVD-Video ...

Step 3: Select Play DVD


Jacob L.P (author)2015-08-01

Please update file link.

SeeleAnima (author)2015-04-14

The link for the files is dead.

Gew (author)2014-02-17

I'm having the same issue (error 2011). I'm on 4.3e _with_ recent d2x cISO installed, still no success. I've read that there is something with a "truncha" bug that needs to be exploited in order for this to work.

dan1897 (author)2012-12-03

i have a 4.3e wii and dvdx installer is NOT working for me, it installs properly but when i try playing anything on wiimc it says its not installed. when i go back to dvdx the install option is GONE and i have to reinstall it like it was never installed (only takes a second) etc. etc. plz help

YolksterXD (author)2010-11-28

I dont see the "DVD-Video" on the MPlayer Wii Menu, when i go to "OPEN" then, "DVD-Video", then "PLAY DVD" it freezes

Crumble (author)2010-10-30

doesn't work on black wii because of new drive, cant play burned games either have to load off usb/sdhc/hdd

drive is D3-2

dudubaladu (author)2010-08-04

I can't install dvdx... my firmware is 4.2U and when it is installing stub ticket it appears ERROR (ret= -2011) what should i do?? do i have to install some kind of CIOS? thank you

moqa (author)2010-03-09


proskater59 (author)2010-03-06

my dvd work on it

Wii_User (author)2010-02-05

mine freezes...anyway to fix that?

maxpower49 (author)2009-09-03

the link doesn't work

lilrou15 (author)maxpower492010-01-19

same same

Pyrosite (author)2009-11-25

can someone help me out.. i'm not even sure if its possible.
but how do i enter text in a chat when i am online using my Wii ? 
ive tried to figure it out and can't.

redinca (author)2009-08-31

This awesome. Thanks for the simple steps Thundaboy1047. I wonder if there is any way to make a channel for it on the Wii. but anyway it's cool.

RedFlash (author)2009-08-29

My wii is sooooooo annoying. I try to install the dvdlib, but it says ERROR 2011 and doesn't install. I have tried every option possible. I can't play dvds either. The wii hums about, but then it freezes and I have to hold the Power button to restart the wii. Help

X-Tremo (author)2009-05-19

Hi, is there any way to cross this one with the usb loader and play my films directly in the TV trough the wii? Can it play all formats? Amazing stuff by the way :)

Solderguy (author)X-Tremo2009-08-12

You can take a hard drive, partition it so that one partition is formatted to WBFS to play wii backups on usb loader, and another partition is formatted to FAT 32. Install on your Wii, and put all your video files that are compatible with Mplayer CE into the hard drive's FAT 32 partition. Launch Mplayer CE from the Homebrew channel, and choose which video you want to play. This doesn't always work since the Wii is so underpowered, some video files might lose audio sync, or freeze up.

Solderguy (author)X-Tremo2009-05-20

You can try this homebrew app:
I used it to watch "Wall-e" on my Wii and it was amazing. Hope it helps.

X-Tremo (author)Solderguy2009-05-25

Ok, it is working the dvd but not in the usb. I'm not sure what to do with that file :S

X-Tremo (author)Solderguy2009-05-21

Thanks a lot. working :) Nice job :) Cheers

StevenBrIgHt (author)2009-06-13

I keep getting error 2011 whenever I try to install anything, any ideas?

blueberrypieisgood (author)2008-11-09

wait so you have to copy the dvds to your sd card?

No you insert a DVD into the Wii's disc slot

Kwitmeh3 (author)conradev2009-04-02

i heard it hurts your laser reader

conradev (author)Kwitmeh32009-04-03

Its a myth! People run backups from home-made dvds and they're fine. they dont even worryabout doing that. its a very very very old myth

wiikey2man (author)2009-03-24

Hey Thundaboy, I did all as instructed, but when I select "DVD VIDEO" The blue light on the dvd reader of the wii flashes, I hear the DVD turning, but after 5 minutes nothing,so only the home button on the wiimote gets me back to the menu. I am running 3.2U with the wiikey2 modchip, for your info. BTW, very easy to follow instructable.

conradev (author)wiikey2man2009-03-25

hmmm.... the dvd turning is a good sign, you hear a clicking noise when the disc starts to spin. maybe the disc was burnt by the company at faster speeds than the wii can read it.

wiikey2man (author)conradev2009-03-25

Yeah, I hear a clicking noise, but EVERY disc that I try does that.

wiibrewemu (author)2008-12-26

hi what's with all the "MPlayer" apps in the Homebrew Browser? Do any of them work with the newest update? (December's is pretty much like October's-most apps still work) Please help even though i have an Xbox 360 to play DVD's, i play it a lot and i don't want to overheat it.

conradev (author)wiibrewemu2009-03-25

the DVDx DVD edition is the one you want

sotsirh194 (author)2008-10-11

I think this is really pointless. Risking damaging your wii. If you really want to play dvds just get a dvd player or ps2

conradev (author)sotsirh1942008-10-11

Hey if you damage it there's always a chip called SaveMii

DYLEGO (author)conradev2009-01-10

That SaveMii thing is pretty cool... It's a load off of my shoulders to see that there's always a somewhat cheap fix if I accidentally get a bad install... Thanks for the info, DYLEGO

DYLEGO (author)sotsirh1942009-01-10

Loading Homebrew will not damage your Wii. Installing a modchip, however, that's a different story... DYLEGO

Drillbit (author)2008-11-29

Has anyone figure out, or made a "DVD Channel" yet? Like the backup channel..

conradev (author)Drillbit2008-11-30

There is an app for the Homebrew Channel that plays DVDs called Mplayer DVDx Edition. I could make a channel for this if you want.

Drillbit (author)conradev2008-11-30

a channel would be freakn sweet, so the SD card would not be needed.

conradev (author)Drillbit2008-12-01

If i made a channel, the SD card would still have to be in it turns out, because there are certain config files that are on the SD card. No files but the boot.dol can be in the channel.

Drillbit (author)conradev2008-12-01

Ahh how does the backup channel work without an SD card?

conradev (author)Drillbit2008-12-02

because it does not depend on files on the SD card but DVDx does.

DYLEGO (author)conradev2009-01-10

Hi thundaboy. I need some help installing DVDx installer. I have downloaded it through the Homebrew Loader. When I go into it and click Normal Install, It gets an error message like this: Installing DVD stub with normal IOS (IOS36)... Loading DVD Stub... Installing DVD Stub ticket... Error -2011 installing DVD Stub ticket Error -2011 installing stub Back Exit It lets you choose either "Back" or "Exit". Is there any other way to load DVDs? Thanks in advance, DYLEGO

DYLEGO (author)DYLEGO2009-01-10

Oh, sorry nevermind. I just saw the comment below now... Thanks anyway, I'm sure you would have tried to help, but I see now. Do you have any idea when there will be a new DVD player that works with Wii System Menu 3.4? Thanks, DYLEGO

raykholo (author)2008-11-15

can it play avi?

conradev (author)raykholo2008-11-16


conradev (author)raykholo2008-11-15

yes if the AVIi files are on the Root of your SD card you can open and play them with Mplayer

humongo_spork (author)2008-11-10

I got an error when running dvdx, its said error -2011 installing dvd stub ticket help

conradev (author)humongo_spork2008-11-10

This is because you have updated your wii since October 23rd, right now it is not bypassable.

threecheersfornick (author)2008-11-08

It worked, but it couldn't play the copy-protected bits, so all I got was ads. Any ideas?

a consumer DVD is meant to be played and not copied, so the only protection is from copying the DVD. Any consumer DVD is meant to be played in any dvd player. BUT special dvds like the ones burnt by a TiVo or such have DRM on them

Cooshinator (author)2008-09-07

Whoah omg this really works that is sweet

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