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Introduction: Play-Doh Rose

Roses come in all kinds--but how about a Play-Doh rose? My favorite thing to create with Play-Doh is roses! They are quick and easy to make, and the result is magnificent! I used some red Play-Doh I had lying around for my first rose, and it is so bright it pops in my room! So grab a jar of Play-Doh and get to work!

  • Small jar of Play-Doh (pick your color wisely! pun intended.)
  • Pipe cleaner or some sort of plastic flower stem from the craft store (mine I kept from a Dove chocolate rose)

Step 1: Flatten the Dough

Dump the dough out of the container, and pound it flat with your hands in a clapping motion.

Step 2: Roll It!

Roll the dough up, making sure one side is uneven to create the rose effect.

Step 3: Pinch

Pinch the dough right below where you think the rose should end. Smooth the bottom out into the rose shape.

Step 4: You're Done!

If you want, you can stick your rose onto a pipe cleaner or a plastic stem of some sort as I did. If you don't have one, it looks just as nice without one! Let the dough harden, then set the rose out in a vase!


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