As we all know kids want something to play with and to help there family in the kitchen well here's a way to make them help and be happy !!!

Step 1: Ingredients

*1/2 cup salt *1/2 cup water *1 cup flour *food color ( optional ) I prefer not to ad food coloring so you can split your play dough into portions and color it with different colors

Step 2:

Add 1 cup of flour

Step 3:

Add flour into bowl

Step 4:

Add 1/2 cup of water

Step 5:

Add water to the flour

Step 6:

Add 1/2 cup of salt to the mixture

Step 7:

Mix with your hands or spatula ( I prefer using a hand it will be easier and faster )

Step 8:

Here you go enjoy the result and feel free to color it your own way ........ Just be creative !!
Ya but the salt is too much for you to eat cjr2115
It's like play dough u can eat

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