Play Ds Games on the Computer





Introduction: Play Ds Games on the Computer

In this instructable i will show you how to download and play Nintendo Ds games on your Computer (note this dosent mean homebrew).

Step 1: Download Components

First You will Need to download a program called NO$GBA - Gameboy Advance Emulator from to your desktop. Then you need to go to and click on search put in your favorite ds game and save it to a folder on your desktop called roms.

Step 2: Run Game

After that you double click the icon and select the roms folder and select your .nds file.

Step 3: Presto!

AND........ You Are Done Horay now you can play ds games on your computer.



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    And another thing I forgot to say:

    BE CAREFUL! If you download a rom of a game you have not bought, IT IS ILLEGAL!

    Watch out!

    1 reply

    Piracy is legall if you download a game that is old and you cant buy it anywhere or when you want to play it on a pc and you dont have money to buy a console or a thing you can play it on.

    Could you figure out a way to take a couple flash games off the net and put them onto an NDS cart for me, please? ill even pay a fee if you want.

    Erm...I hope you guys know this is just called an Emulator, and you can probably find one for almost every console on the planet. (Except for the console around the time of the Comador 64. You have to find those yourself.)

    It loads but it says data couldn't be found or power off so i don'ty know wat is happening HELP PLZ!!!!!!!! : /

    All the nds roms i click on say that it wasnt found on this server... Help please??

    neat wallpaper, where's it from?

    the only game i want to play on my PC is SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS
    and i just happen to own it

    Lol, thi is illicit because you did not purchase the game and you can be fined up to $50000 or 12 years jail. Same goes for R4

    7 replies

    I think that your punitive estimates are too high, but you are right; this does infringe on copyright laws. The emulator itself is legal, as is ownership of an "R4" type Nintendo DS cartridge, but, obtaining copyrighted ROM files without paying the copyright owners for them is illegal.

    i checked my countries copyright laws and infact i underestiamted it said "liable to fine up to 12 million" I think thats if you created 1000 roms or sumthing

    Oops, i meant liable to fine up to $12000000 if you breach copyright laws. One or Two roms are like $480 but if multiple breaches then finable from the above amount.

    This is proof the pc and smartphone is taking gaming over!!!!! XD AWWWWW YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!!!!!