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In this Instructable I will show you how to play flash games offline. It involves copying the file from your browser cache. There are tutorials for Opera, Firefox and IE

Stuff you'll need:
+ A web browser (Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer)
+ A web page with a loaded flash gameHere's one

Step 1: Copy SWF File From Browser Cache

Picture of Copy SWF File From Browser Cache

Load the game (100%!), then go into your browser cache (look below) and open it or copy it to a Games folder (I have 217, that's 197 MB worth, games in my Flash Games folder). Some tips for finding out which file is the game is to sort by size or Date Created or the best, type. It's usually about 200 KB to 4 MB, bigger games are up to 10 or higher. The extension will be .SWF (Shockwave Flash Document), TMP (Temporary), or nothing at all. The size of the game I had a link to in the intro is 178 KB.

I'm not sure if the IE cache path I have is right, because when I used to use it when I got my computer I changed the directory. Please correct me if it's wrong.

Your windows account is the name that shows up on your start menu and Welcome screen (when you start up your computer)

Opera: C:\Program Files\Opera\Profile\Cache4
Internet Explorer: C:\Documents and Settings\your windows account\Local Settings\Temp
Firefox: C:\Documents and Settings\your windows account\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\rtr8rd4k.default\Cache (you'll have to copy and paste this, the Cache folder is not visible in Explorer)

Step 2: Playing the Game

Picture of Playing the Game

To play the game you have to open it with Shockwave Player or a web browser.

If the game is lagging/running slowly when you play it, right-click in the game window and change the quality (if you can see it in the list. Some developers disable some of the list options), or open it in Internet Explorer. It will run faster in IE because Windows gives it more system resources by default. Or close other applications that are taking up system resources.

If the file extension is not .SWF, go to Folder Options in the control panel, click the view tab, scroll down the list and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types, and click OK. Then you can edit the name of the file. If the extension is not .SWF, rename the file so that it is. (example: Flash Element TD.SWF)

I recommend putting your games in a folder such as "Flash Games", and definitely name them.

Have fun!


nickpar (author)2015-10-11

you could also directly download from website like

jasonb27 (author)2015-08-16

i dont like that i cant do it because i have windows 7

werose (author)2015-05-21

Nice another way I have seen after view the source.

ronalnue (author)2014-12-11

File tidak ditemukan

wanda.mandeville (author)2011-11-24

I created a package of some of my favorite flash games . Once downloaded there's an html file that has all the flash games embedded offline.

ialarado (author)2011-09-08

I cannot find the files what os are you running? (i'm running win 7)

Aeshir (author)ialarado2011-09-08

For Opera, try C:\Users\your windows account\AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\cache\sesn

ialarado (author)Aeshir2011-09-09

That would help if i had opera :(

Aeshir (author)ialarado2011-09-09

Sorry, I only use Opera. The internet should help you find it, though.

liebre (author)2010-03-07

cool and this is also video tutorial  i hope that be useful !

fanboykiller124 (author)2007-11-28

For the people that use firefox (I'm not sure if it works with the other browsers), there's a far easier way to get the .swf file. Simply load the web page that the flash game is on, and click Tools in the toolbar, go to Page Info, and then click Media. There should be a list of files, and one or more of them should say "Embed" beside it. Look at the file names for each one to find out which one is the flash game, and click Save As. Save it to wherever you want to, and then open it in your browser. :D

erikals (author)fanboykiller1242009-08-14

works for me too and I use FF 3. I don't know how to repay you.

Aeshir (author)fanboykiller1242007-11-29

No, believe me, it's easier to just have a shortcut to the cache somewhere and copy it from there. Then it's like two clicks.

REA (author)Aeshir2009-06-02

umm. his way is saving a file, your way is going through a long list of directories that get very confusing, AND THEN the files arent named the same as the game. try his way before saying yours is easier.

yes! this works! thanks!

durbusestrada (author)2007-05-31

every time i do that, the game begins to load and then i just get a black screen. the same thing happens when i download games from

Aeshir (author)durbusestrada2007-06-01

Try opening it in a browser. Some games are blocked from being imported though (some games from are) but that is very rare.

carrierpilot1357 (author)Aeshir2008-08-29 url blocks all of their games too. it's a shame. I relly like their games.

ice breaker is so awesome. its smart and makes you think.

if you want to embed that game in your site you just put a link to it in an IEframe

john509 (author)2008-06-21

your windows account i dont happen to have one of those in my folder what is going on?

Aeshir (author)john5092008-06-23

What operating system are you using?

mrmoneybagss (author)Aeshir2008-07-08

xp... isn't it obvious?

Aeshir (author)mrmoneybagss2008-07-08

XP isn't the only Windows OS, you know.

supersith22 (author)Aeshir2008-07-28

xp is the only windows os with that skin, to my knowledge

Aeshir (author)supersith222008-07-28

What skin? Do you mean the screenshots from this Instructable? Those are my pictures, not his.

supersith22 (author)Aeshir2008-07-28

o i misread the conv. sorry

Aeshir (author)supersith222008-07-29


ReCreate (author)Aeshir2009-01-29

first you got too lazy to type laugh out loud then you get to lazy to type lol? whats next? one letter words?

PKTraceur (author)ReCreate2009-03-08

yh, tw lttrs. -PKT

ReCreate (author)PKTraceur2009-03-09

(lol goes here)

squeesa6 (author)2009-04-12 use this web site to get the .SWF. (use OBJECT)

Devlah (author)2009-02-04

As a user of Firefox, I like the straightforward approach of "save as.." and "web page complete". I've noticed however that certain games are coded to detect if they're running on a permitted domain. For example, using this method and trying to run a game from say.., it will load but then (being offline) will have a screen saying "Pirate Domain" and "Go to to play this game". Which is a shame because they have some games I'd love to have with me when I'm on the road and internetless. :/ Although I imagine if one could decompile the swf file one could remove the domain check....Alot of work to go through for a simple flash game though.

deNZil90 (author)2008-11-06

hey um wat program did your use to open the objects in windows?

Th3Snip3r (author)deNZil902008-12-18

real player will work.

Aeshir (author)Th3Snip3r2008-12-24

Ew, no. Use a browser.

Th3Snip3r (author)Aeshir2008-12-27

OR A BROWSER...... You would need to associate the .swf files with your browser though if they are not set with any program.

deNZil90 (author)Th3Snip3r2008-12-27

yea i never tryed real player and i found useing a browser was annoying my m8 sugested a swf and flv player but i forgoten the name now but its wrking gr8

Th3Snip3r (author)deNZil902008-12-27


fwjs28 (author)2008-12-23

Not to be spamming, but ive mad a step by step tutorial on all major browsers with even easier ways....except IE....(its made my microsoft....of course its not gonna work) teh URL

viviluk (author)2008-11-06

how about vista? i know how to get into the file, but i cant find the .swf

oxidase (author)2007-06-18

if your using firefox then wait till the windows with the flash game is loaded than go under file>save page as> and select the option "Compete webpage". Go to your saved location you will find a folder with the name you gave it. In it there will be a whole buch of stuff now throw verything away exept the game that will be a ".swf" file. Open the ".swf" file with either Firefox or if you have Flash, with SAFlashPlayer *Note that if you us SAFlashPlayer to open the game you must have the SAFlahPlayer version of the game

carrierpilot1357 (author)oxidase2008-08-29

or in firefox click tools then page info and then click media and look for the right .swf file and click save as.

jak06 (author)oxidase2007-07-26

i opened the saved file and it opened it with the game loaded twice on the same screen

Aeshir (author)oxidase2007-06-19

I use the official Adobe Flash Player to open my games, unless there is a problem in which I use Opera. Thanks for the tip.

hydrnium.h2 (author)2008-06-17

I can't find local settings in my folder

edison142 (author)2007-12-17

Would this work with Quicktime videos, and other streaming apps besides flash

Aeshir (author)edison1422007-12-17

Well streaming just means that you watch it while it downloads. Anything you download has to go into your browser cache. Pictures, HMTL, Quicktime MOVs, WMVs, everything. You just have to know what you're looking for.

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