Play Gameboy on IOs- No Jailbreak





Introduction: Play Gameboy on IOs- No Jailbreak

Ever wanted to play gameboy advanced and gameboy colour games on your idevice? Now you can.

Step 1: Go Into the Google App

Go into the google app and search 'emu4ios' Do not use chrome for that will not work. Click the first link that will go to a google site.

Step 2: Downloads

Scroll down and tap downloads. Then scroll down the new page and tap another downloads link.

Step 3: Gba Emulator Download

Scroll down and click the first link. It will be labeled gba emulator. The address next to it will be to youtube. Click view.

Step 4: Install

Click view and a window will pop up asking you if you would like to leave the google app. Click yes. Then another window will appear. Click install. The app will now download.



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    There is a much better way to do this now that doesn't involve installing any hacked software like this on your phone. Instead you can play GameBoy games in Safari on your iPhone by just going to and creating an account and then uploading any game you want to the website. I attached a screenshot of Pokemon Blue running on my iPhone :)

    IMG_3702 2.jpg

    Thank you so much now I don't have to jailbreak and snowman46919 did you use the google search app?

    Can't seem to get this to work on my 4th gen touch. Any ideas?