Picture of Play Kitchen Set from Entertainment Center
You know those old entertainment centers that are now almost obsolete since they don't accommodate flat screen TVs very well? They make excellent kitchen sets with just a little bit of paint and creativity!

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Took me a couple of weeks to find the perfect one on Craigslist. Was looking for space for the "oven" and "refrigerator". For the same price as others were attempting to ask for a particle wood one, I got one that was a litte bit more solid. Tad taller than what I was looking for but what sold me on it was the hidden "pantry"........ Read "storage"!!!
book_worm2 years ago
This is very creative and the cats seem to be enjoying it too! I love what you did to make this kitchen set :)
the0GRE2 years ago
This is really an awesome project of Dad to give to his daughter. GREAT JOB!
me-again1002 years ago
What a great idea. If my kids were a bit younger I would definitely be making them one.
Smart! Really, really smart!
Carleyy2 years ago
What lucky kids! Really great project!
That is awesome. make sure to anchor it to the wall. We have one of them plastic kitchens my wife got it used.
I like the faucets and sink.
d_duck2 years ago
A terrific project. I think it's something my grandkids would like.