Play N64 Games on Your School Computer





Introduction: Play N64 Games on Your School Computer

Ever been bored at school? Problably. Been stuck in front of a computer in school, but havent been able to play any games because of the firewall? It has happened to all of us. Now, you can play all of your favorite N64(or other video game systems) games on your computer.

Flash Drive
School computers that run windows xp, vista, or 7 (Im not sure if this is compatable with macs, although it should be).


Step 1: Downloading the Emulator

To play N64 games on a computer, you must first download an emulator to run the games on your computer. To download the emulator, go to Browse emulators until you find emulators for the n64. From here you can download one of four emulators. It dosen't matter which one, they all run most games, however i do recommend project 64. Be sure to save the emulator files to your flash drive, not only the shortcut.

Side note: At this point, you can download emulators to other game systems if you wish. The process is practically the same.

Edit: I forgot to add that you will need to install the emulator onto your flash drive also. This takes about a minute. After downloading the emulator onto your flash drive, you will see a shortcut for project 64. Click on it and make sure to install the file onto your flash drive. Several files should appear after the installation. To run the emulator, click on the red shortcut.

Step 2: Downloading Games

Great. now you have your emulator,but dont have any games to play on it. Time to get some games! Go to once again and repeat the last step again, except browse Rom files instead. Save these games to your flash drive also.

Step 3: Run the Games

To run these games on your school computer, plug in your flash drive. Open the Emulator file and click the shortcut. This should run the emulator. To play a game, click  File, Open Rom, then choose a game. Have fun!



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Does this work on chrome books because my school gave us our own chromebook


This video shows you how to get all Nintendo emulators on a Chromebook. Including Nintendo 64.

No, I am typing on a chromebook. This only runs on high-end Operating Systems. Sorry about that

does anyone know how to get around the shelterbelt firewall? thats what we have at my school

just download at home on a flash drive and bring it to school

because i'm REALLY craving bomber man!

or do i have to go the long way #AtHome

Does this work for macs? They got macs at my school.