Step 3: Run the Games

Picture of Run the Games
flash drive games and emulator.png
To run these games on your school computer, plug in your flash drive. Open the Emulator file and click the shortcut. This should run the emulator. To play a game, click  File, Open Rom, then choose a game. Have fun!
RyuHoshi1014 years ago
Can you do this with an SD Card?
Yes. An SD card is still a flash card just for a different port type.

As long as it has the space, this will work fine. :)
origamic12 (author) 5 years ago
I forgot to add that you will need to install the emulator also. This takes about a minute. After downloading the emulator onto your flash drive, you will see a shortcut for project 64. Click on it and make sure to install the file onto your flash drive. Several files should appear after the installation. To run the emulator, click on the red shortcut.