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Ever had that feeling of nostalgia for those long-lost days of inviting a friend over, eating enough sweets to put any self-respecting adult into a coma, and playing a Mario game for six solid hours? Well have no fear you ancient gamers for there is hope of quelling those feelings of longing. All you will need is a smart-phone running the Android operating system and a healthy internet connection.

Step 1: Grab Your Android Phone and Go to CoolRom.com

Picture of Grab Your Android Phone and Go to CoolRom.com
For this step you'll need to pick up your Android phone.

At the moment I am using the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2 running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

Open your favorite web browser ( I'm using Google Chrome ) and enter the following URL into your address bar:

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GP3 GP31 month ago

this is a link where u can get a wireless Nintendo controller that will work with your cell phone : ) love it

Still love you in 2015 bro
kbuechel1 year ago
yeap I might love you too ,cuz this is wait for it legendary 0_0:)!!!!! ty ty
tayuechick1 year ago
I <3 you.